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20140511 - WIA Helpline - vk6xv

posted May 13, 2014, 1:54 AM by News Team   [ updated May 13, 2014, 1:54 AM by Bob Bristow ]


Firstly a 13 1/2 meter Light pole type mast very heavy duty, In two sections.Top section slides over bottom section. Is the type that bolts down onto a concrete block in the ground.When I say heavy duty, I mean heavy duty.Would need a small truck with HIAB crane to get sections. To lift one manually would require carrying spare foofle valves to replace burst ones.

Also has three sided spreader section for vertical masts originally on top. This mast stood for a number of years at Point Peron At Rockingham with all the sea rescue antennas on it.

The best bit is: Very free to any home. Give me a call to discuss or inspect.

Also I have three elements of a 40 meter beam. These elements were originally made by John VK6GU when he was in Wyndham. They are shortened with loading coils in the centre but still a serious antenna.

Just needs a boom section.Also have his original hi-gain tail twister to rotate it but it has a small Issue with a switch inside that I have never got around to fixing because I have not needed to use this rotator.

The next best bit: This antenna and rotator and controller of course are all very free to any Home that needs one

Give me a shout to discuss or inspect on 0419 919 675 THE Wally VK6YS

For Sale

  • TECH Tradipper GDO Model TE-15. Price $80.00.
  • 6V DC @1 Amp, Desktop Power Supply. Price $20.00.
  • DICK SMITH, Unregulated Desktop Power Supply, Model M-9544 13.8 Volt DC @ 1.5 Amp. Price $20.00.
  • DICK SMITH, K-7207 Mains monitor, (by E/A kits) Price $20.00.
  • ELECTRONICS AUSTRALIA, Digital Frequency Meter. Price $20.00.
  • KENPRO Azimuth Controller, Model KR-400RC. (NOTE CONTROLLER ONLY). Price $50.00.
  • JAYCAR model QM1572 Digital Capacitance Meter, 0.1pf to 20.000mfd. Price $25.00.
Phone: 089 528 6735
Tony, de VK6ATI.

850 MHz data receiver

  • A simple receiver built and laid out in a fashion that lends itself to experimental modification.
  • Ideal for the Amateur experimenter
  • John Stodart 0409 376006

Wanted to buy:

I am looking for a HF radio in not working order to buy as next : FT-817 or Kenwood TS-850 or TS-450 or TS-440 or ICom 7xhundred series!
Please contact me via SMS or so on my mobile 0438554409 or e-mail:
Thank you Vit