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20140706 - WIA Helpline - vk6xv

posted Jul 8, 2014, 1:53 AM by News Team   [ updated Jul 8, 2014, 1:54 AM by Bob Bristow ]


I am looking for radio FT817 or FT857 in working or not working condition to buy,
Please contact me via SMS or so on my mobile 0438554409 or e-mail: Thank you , Vit

For Sale

KR400 and KR500 Rotators with Control Boxes $250 the lot.
  • Both are in good condition.
  • One rotator needs a new feedback potentiometer and I have the new spare.
  • Both Controllers have been modified to operate under software control but still fully operational as manual controllers.

For Sale

Icom AT 180 Auto ATU used.
  • Good condition – unit spans 160 metres to 6 metres.
  • Will accept up to 120watt input.
  • Capable of tuning all bands/modes.
  • Includes instruction and service manual sheets.
  • Powered through rig cable connection.
  • Asking $350 ono plus $50 postage if required.
Contact Phil VK6IP or call 0409 101 790


And for the latest from Richard.... Hello Roy...from a rather damp and muggy seaside town of Scarborough, UK.

I have to write to you again to say 'a big thank you'... to you personally and through your webpage (if possible please) to circulate all the guys....who are still contacting me with solutions to my Outbacker search. The spirit of the amateur radio community and its fellowship with the 'other hemisphere' is nothing short of magnificent.

Your entry on my behalf produced numerous responses, some of which are still arriving today! However, the 'VK6 grapevine'...reached Terry Clinch himself. What more could this Pom ask for, hi-hi. Terry has contacted me directly, together with his pdf of the Outbacker range. We have exchanged emails after he offered to make-up an 'OII special'....with pre-tuned freq's on every band (hf thro' WARC and 6m) to my specified spots. How brilliant is that?

So, it's on its way. I think by 'conventional means, although one respondent is heading UK way very soon and....believe it or to my home town. Also, he is to visit a famous and beautiful North York Moors village of Goathland. He asked about a specific amateur living there (Dave G4DAX)...who just happens to be a long-standing 'bestest friend' of mine, hi-hi. His kind thought of bringing my aerial with him is sadly thwarted by differences in 'antenna-length and suitcase dimensions'! I worry that any attempt to carry it as hand-luggage would attract the attentions of the UK Customs...who are issued with rubber gloves - 'for the use of'!! ;-(

OK Roy - all sorted. . 'Job done'.

Warmest regards,

Richard (G0OII). My response "G0 Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie OII OII OII ...!!!” Roy