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20140928 - WIA Helpline - vk6xv

posted Sep 28, 2014, 8:07 PM by News Team   [ updated Sep 28, 2014, 8:07 PM by Bob Bristow ]

Looking for a New Home

  • I have two of 1.2 m diameter centre focus  parabolic satellite dishes that I would love to give away  to a good home, or even a bad one if that's what it takes. One has never been used and is still pristine complete with all mounting gear in a box the other was used for a while and there is a 1.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz patch antenna mounted on the antenna. I also have the original 2.4 to  VHF converted to go with it.
  • I also have an Ameritron RCS-4  remote antenna switch that is looking for a good home. Basically has a single feed coax from a control box in the shack, which carries the signal voltage to the switch for changing the antenna relay as you select from inside, and means you only require that one coax  into the shack and so reducing the number of holes and improving marital harmony. It is rated to 1 kW and has a plug-in 12 V supply with it. I am looking for around the 100 db
  • my Kent Morse key also needs to find a home where it can be used as something other than a paperweight which mine is now only functioning as. Very solid very well made very good feel and deserves to be used. With the downhill run that I am in with motor neurone disease, it is not even useful as a paperweight now which usually implies that it is to hold a piece of paper down until you need it. In my case now, the paper would stay there for ever as there is no way I could list that key.  Mind you, I can't even move a sheet of paper anyway and the very idea of trying to fight my way out of a wet paper bag just does not come into it. I am looking for around 60 or 65 DB  for the Kent key.
Thank you
Wally VK6YS  0419919675 or

For sale

HYGAIN TH3MK4 tri band yagi.18 months old.
  • Comes with manual,
  • box,
  • complete set brand new traps and the old traps,
  • 2 new boom section's and the old boom section's.
$500 Grant vk6ngs  MOB 0404330523


8mm spring wire HF mobile antenna base made by Terlin, which was designed for the longer Outreach range of antennas.
  • This antenna base is a heavy duty than the standard 6mm spring wire base.
  • Product code for is antenna base TAHFS.
Email Mark VK6BSA at or call 0408 688 903. 

Looking for a New Home

A SWL friend of mine Ron, has a Barrett 2050 with VKS channels and Barrett 910 self tune antennae.
  • Asking $1500 or near offer.
Please contact Ron on 9573 6696 or 0458 299 113