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20150705 - Helpline

posted Jul 12, 2015, 6:32 PM by News Team   [ updated Jul 12, 2015, 6:34 PM by Bob Bristow ]

Amateur Radio Helpline for 5th  July 2015 .

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To include items in the weekly broadcast, please get them to me before 10PM THURSDAY for the following Sunday Broadcast in font and layout that is easy to read and for inclusion in this e-mail. It would save me hours of editing.

Nothing fancy, just normal text please.  Thanks.

This is a weekly broadcast of Pre-loved Equipment for Radio Amateurs, shortwave Listeners and Electronic Enthusiasts and members seeking assistance...




Caveat Emptor; Latin for "let the buyer beware."    A doctrine that places on buyers the burden to reasonably examine property before purchase and take responsibility for its condition and ownership.   Stolen Gear » 20141027 - Hills Amateur Radio Group, Lesmurdie, WA



looking for a service manual / circuit diagram for a National Panasonic 14 transistor 3 band radio from the early 70s.    I dont like my chances but would also be happy to hear from anyone who has any suggestions on were to look Thanks again keep up the good work.

Regards Ron VK6kHz   Phone  08 9417 1699


From: Shirley & Rick [
Sent: Friday, 12 June 2015 4:03 PM
To: ''
Subject: HF Radios and Power Supply for SALE


Serial No:             1610 remote model SB 225RH 12 channel 14 volt

Crystals: 5.360, 61880,6.915, 10,164, 14.724             Est Cost  $300.00

Serial No’s:     02217 – 07193 remote model SB 250RH,  10 Channel 12volt                                      Est Est. Cost:               $500.00

Serial No:             02198 remote model SB 250RC, 10 Channel 12 Volt                                        Est Cost:               $500.00

Serial No:             0008 remote model SB 245, SB 225RC, 10 channel  14Volt.                                              Est Cost:               $300.00

All these Radios come with remote cabling and spring bases      Including Hand Books.


Serial No:             26812 Power Supply model 1C-PS15 240 Volt 20 Amp.                                     Est Cost:               $300.00

Rick Lewis  (08) 9313 1990  0417 907 543


Wanted to buy

Any old non working, roughy or parts for Kenwood TS Hybrid radios and accesories, 520, 530, 820, 830 ETC. Not fussed about condition as condition dictates price, prefer CHEAP.   I like to restore these old beauties and give them a new life. If you have any you want to part with CHEAP give me a call or email

 0427 673 197 or

Neil Beeson VK6NSB 
Real Radios Glow in the Dark


For sale,  I am selling an 8m telescopic winch up / tilt over antenna mast. 

This mast used to be used as a mobile lighting tower and was attached to a trailer. It has been modified to be ground mounted and is 99% complete.

It needs a lick of paint and that is about it. Comes with a brand new winch and marine grade stainless winch wire.

Needs a couple of strong people to lift :)

Pickup in Henley Brook 

$550 is the price

Call Tim, VK6EI on 0488 847 474 or email





Hi Roy


Could you Please  include the following into the *For Sale*


2 X 200m twin lead or figure 8 cable reel Altronics W2119 . 24/0.2 Black / White $80 each

1 X 400m 4mm multi strand brown single wire reel $100

1 X 500m twin lead or figure 8 cable reel Altronics W2125 . 24/0.2 White / Black $150

1 X 100m flat ribbon reel Altronics w2634-34-wire-idc-cable $100

1 X 200m 4 cores Security Reel black Altronics W2355 . 14/0.20 Black $150


others 100m  and partially used reels


Please Email Moussa :


Shack Clearance - For sale:

Wimo X-Quad Satellite antenna array for 2m and 70cm - $450

Yaesu MD-100 Base Microphone - $150

LDG YT-847 Auto Antenna Tuner for Yaesu FT-847, BNIB never used - $175

Hytera MD-788G DMR Mobile inc programming cable & software - $450
Hytera PD-782G DMR Handheld inc programming cable & software - $400

2 x Beaglebone Black Rev C including cases, BNIB never used - $50ea

All in excellent condition.
Any reasonable offer accepted.

Contact Rick VK6XLR via email only,



WinRadio G305e SDR (Software Defined Radio Receiver).

What's included?

The standard WR-G305e package includes:

 WR-G305e receiver
 Application software
 Comprehensive user's manual
 Low-noise linear power supply
 Start-up antenna
 USB cable
WR – VSC - Visual Sound Card

WR – G305 – PDO Professional Demodulator

DRM – G3 - Demodulator

APCO – P25 Decoder

Advanced Trunking Options

+ HP Mini Computer (optional)

$900 with the computer or $700 without the computer.

Wanted a Kenwood, ICOM, AOR, Yeasu Receiver.


ICOM IC – 2200H – VHF 2mtr Transceiver – boxed, manual, Mic, Mounting bracket. $180.

Contact - VK6 FRAN on 0439 66 99 07

Many thanks,



WANTED    Sourced

I have been told that the Kenwood TL922 is a good one but they are hard to come by.
Can you please see if any one over your way will come to the party if you place a wanted add on Sunday??
Just put price negotiable.


1 Quadra VL1000 solid state amplifier.  Covers 160 through to 6 metres with 1kw output.  $3500.00.

 Call Barry on 0412127990 or email


7 3,
Barry Mitchell, VK2GGA/VK6WF

"Light travels faster than sound, that's why certain people appear bright, until they open their mouth and speak."


Item for sale -


Yaesu FT-7900R with separation kit.

> Excellent condition, in original box with DC Loom, manual, mounts and DTMF Mic.


Asking 250 db :)


Contact via email:


> Thanks in advance

> Luke (VK6FMLB)



MFJ 986 balanced antenna tuner in good working condition.

Please ring Mark VK6BSA on 0408 688 903 or email to

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR SALE:-

A Kenwood  all mode (H/F & 6 metres) TS 570S in very good condition with handbook and box $600

Contact Ron on 08 9310 6974 or rslaw@  Ron Law VK6RL


I have following item for sale.


1-  Hy-Gain vertical antenna model AV-640 cover 6 to 40M . It's in excellent conditions.

      No need ground radial.  etc etc. asking $350 firm .Brand new would cost $800. It's bargain.


2-  Yaesu HF transceiver FT-2000 comes in original box , manual .etc etc.

      Including IF-2000, external sound card, LP-Pan II PANADAPTOR. This all ready setup

      For SDR software. Asking $2500 ONO.


3- Yaesu HF transceiver FT-2000 delta . 200watt radio. Excellent conditions.all original box.

     Including DMU-2000 band scope. Extra  NS- 3KH roofing filter, asking $2800 Ono.


4-  NEW comm-Antenna .. Vertical from 10 to 80M . Known as Andy comman. From Melbourne.

      Still in wrapping cardboard boxes. Asking $450 Firm.


5- NEW comm- Antenna linear loaded 40M rotatable dipole. Still in wrapping Cardboard boxes.

     Asking also $450 Firm.


6- Emtron DX-1SP Amplifier , 2years old hardly use. New design FU-728F tube.

    1500watt pep. See EMTRON WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO.  Asking $3300.


7- Free Amateur MAG , QST AND CQ also AR magazines


VK6WB Gus []   0407 030 592


I have for sale one Icom IC-PW1 Linear Amplifier - Rated at 1Kilo-Watt output. - All Bands 160 to 6m.

Works fine. Doesn't currently get enough use, should go to a 'good home'.

Price $6400

Contact Steve :


Thanks Roy,




------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR SALE

1x ATN - 13element HF Log-Periodic antenna, 5.5MHz to 30MHz,   $ 1500.00 ono.


1x    15m high, 4 section tower with 12V DC winch,   COUNCIL  APPROVED !!,   attached to a 2.25 acre dream QTH 330m above sea level, price negotiable.


plus some other antennas and bits for AR.


73s and good DX de VK6UZ,  Fritz Tel: 9399 7758     mobile: 0418 951 256     email:





> 1.     One Codan 8528 SB Receiver   Type 7411 Antenna Tuner

> 2.     One Codan 7727  One 4amp power supply

> 3.     One Codan 7113-B fitted with Austravel channels

> 4.     One Barrett 550 with remote head and auto tuner

ring Jim on 08 9337 1763.

> Regards to you and Jane in those thar hills.

> Kind regards

> Charlie and Val


 For Sale :-

Kenwood all mode multi bander TS570S (H/F & 6 metres) in very good condition $600

Contact Ron VK6RL on 0893106974   Ron Law



If you have items for Sale or you may be seeking equipment or information please contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

Please have any item or request in to me BEFORE 10PM Thursday for the next W.I.A. broadcast.       E-mail

73 Roy  & Jane VK6XV