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20160228 Roy's Helpline

posted Feb 28, 2016, 6:32 AM by Bob Bristow   [ updated Feb 28, 2016, 6:32 AM ]

Amateur Radio Helpline for 28th February  2016.

Email To

PLEASE preface any inward email with “HELPLINE” FOR SALE or WANTED
To include items in the weekly broadcast, please get them to me before 10PM THURSDAY for the following Sunday Broadcast in font and layout that is easy to read and for inclusion in this e-mail. It would save me hours of editing.
Nothing fancy, just normal text please.  Thanks.

This is a weekly broadcast of Pre-loved Equipment for Radio Amateurs, shortwave Listeners and Electronic Enthusiasts and members seeking assistance...
Caveat Emptor; Latin for "let the buyer beware."    A doctrine that places on buyers the burden to reasonably examine property before purchase and take responsibility for its condition and ownership.   Stolen Gear » 20141027 - Hills Amateur Radio Group, Lesmurdie, WA 
Looking for digital scans of old photographs of the DECCA navigational VLF transmitting sites that were located in the West Pilbara area of Western Australia back in the 1970's and 1980's. Photos specifically of the VLF transmitting sites at De Grey, Turner River, Mundabullangana Station & Mardie Station. Any photos of the transmitters, coil house, antenna or even an aerial view of the sites would be greatly appreciated. Those with any DECCA information, please email to  73's Steve - VK6HV
I'm after an ICOM IC-970H, if anyone has one that they wish to part with please email Stu or phone 0407 430 664. 73 Stu VK6BG
 For sale COMPLETE Kenwood TS 520S station, DG5, AT 230, SM 220(with BS-5), SP 520, VFO 520S, TV 502, TV 506, TS 520S and choice of MC 10 or MC 50 
WILL NOT SPLIT or ship. $2500 FIRM
Neil Beeson []
Yaesu FL2100B HF Amplifier. Came from Barry ex-VK6WF. In very good operational and physical condition. Has a spare set of valves that have been tested. $680.00 ONO.
Ring Mark VK6BSA 0408 688 903 or email    Mark    VK6BSA
Icom IC -718 HF Transceiver With a UT-106 DSP unit fitted with original hand microphone + an Icom AT-180 HF/6M automatic antenna running unit + Heil Proset Elite IC Headset with a Heil Foot operated PTT.
All in as new condition from a non smoking home, Comes with original packaging, all connecting cables and manuals - $1200.00 for the lot.\
I can be contacted on 0439 844 696.   Kevin   VK6TKR.
Peter VK7PH, hopefully soon VK6HP, has moved to VK6 and is looking for some help with the erection of his antennas. He lives in Leeming, in a brick and tile house with a mezzanine level and an associated high-ish (20 foot) gabled roof. He's looking to put a lightweight 20’ fibre glass mast at the gable apex and secured into the mezzanine timber work. It’s a pretty modest set-up: just a ZS6BKW doublet, and some 450 ohm ladder line. The doublet runs diagonally across the block, and he’ll secure it to a tree at the back, and a tree or a pole in the front. If it wasn't for a recent leg operation, he'd be up there himself.
If you'd like to help a fellow amateur and want to take the opportunity to discuss amateur radio and astronomy, get in touch. You can contact Peter on his mobile 0400 801 531.
I need help INFO - After 10 years of good behaviour my DSE Q1755 power supply only blows fuses.
Please email me any experience, schematics, parts sources to repair it at home.
Manson type  SPA-8230 is clearly the same beast. ( Fixed 13.8V at 23A SMPS ) 
Thanks . . . .
If you have items for Sale or you may be seeking equipment or information please contact me and I will do my best to assist you.
PLEASE pre-face any inward email subject  with “HELPLINE” to assist with sorting.
Please have any item or request in to me BEFORE 10PM Thursday for the next W.I.A. broadcast. E-mail