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20161120 Helpline

posted Nov 20, 2016, 1:23 AM by Bob Bristow   [ updated Nov 20, 2016, 1:23 AM ]
ROY’S HELPLINE for Amateurs and Electronic Enthusiasts.
Wanted,Wanted, Help with getting an Icom IC7000 back to full working condition. Help required, is
to be able to program the radio from the PC using RT systems programming and cable. For some
reason the radio will not see the PC.
I would appreciate someone dropping round to my QTH in Bentley to check what is going on
maybe there is a problem in the menus, a setting that needs changing.
All worked well in the past. A pair of good eyes might solve the problem.
Phone 0418 916 538.
QTH, not correct in the 2016 call book.
Thank you
Trevor VK6YJ
Craig VK6HX with some more items.
President HR-2510 10 Metre mobile, working, plus President Lincoln with
issues - $150 for both
Kenwood TH-45A 70cm hand held, 2 extra batteries and AC charger $40
Vacuum Variable Capacitor - 3 to 50 pF @ 25KV $125
Kenwood TK-805, TK-805D – 70CM, TK-705 – 2M, mobiles 25Watt, front panel
programmable $30 each
GME Emergency Battery Change-Over Switch Model EBS1, switch from power
supply to battery if power fails $30
Large finned heatsink – 440 x 220 x 35mm $25
Kenwood RZ-1 Wide Band Receiver 500 kHz to 905 MHz, AM/Wide and Narrow FM
JPS NIR-10 Noise/Interference Reduction Unit $125
Hygain TH3 Mark 3 Thunderbird - 3 element beam 10/15/20 metres, Balun, needs
mast clamp - $200
Local buyers please as unable to post.
Phone 0418 923 257 or email VK6HX @
thanks Roy
Kenwood TS 850 SAT HF rig very clean and works well with voice module and CW filter installed,
although the main display doesn’t Dim, all cables and operating instructions, looks new.
Matching DSP100 digital processor for the TS 850 SAT a very sort after item very clean with all
cables and operating instructions.
Trio TS520s HF rig still with original tubes and again in very good condition with operating
instructions tuning tool and 3 spare output tubes 6146B s.
$250.00 ono
Kenwood TM 231A FM 2M Mobile Transceiver 5 to 50 watts output with operating instructions
Yaesu 290R All mod 2M portable ( sorry no internal battery box but that’s no problem to install C
Size Ni Cad batteries) 2.5 W output.
With operating instructions.
Antenna rotator Create RC5-1 with top bearing with operational manual TOP CLASS ROTATOR,
turning a 20 M Quad still on top of the tower, The Quad is based on the Hy Gain tri-band with
aluminium spreaders just been serviced. All details of the construction of the Quad are supplied to
anyone that wants the quad can be made for multi bands with some work.
Home brew HF 20 15 10 m linear with 813s in ground grid with spare set of tubes, construction
details supplied.
$250.00 or free with TS850SAT and DSP 100 combo.
SWR meters and test equipment to go with any of the above sales it’s got to go.
Contact Malc VK6HY via
Yaesu FT-450D HF & 50MHz Transceiver
Inc. original Mic & inbuilt Antenna Tuner.
Purchased Dec 2015 (Andrew's), As new condition in box with receipt for warrantee etc.
$500 - contact
Luke (VK6ZLB)
Kenwood TS 140-S HF transceiver plus MFJ tuner. Owners and service manuals for transceiver -
Kenwood FM dual band 2m/70cm transceiver TM-733 with manuals - $150
Kenwood FM dual band 2m/70cm hand heldtrasceiver TH-79A (Delux) - $200
Yaesu FT 200 HF transceiver with external power supply and manuals. Also a special ZL FT 200
Club Instruction and maintenance manual - $150
Yaesu FTV 250 2m SSB transverter - $75
Search 9 Daiwa FM 2m receiver - $20
Uniden UH-077 CB transceiver - $40
Grant "President" CB transceiver (AM/USB/LSB) - $50
Dick Smith HCA 804 CB transceiver - $20
Pearce Simpson AM-810 CB transceiver - $20
Turner Plus Three desk microphone - $20
Turner Sideband Expander desk microphone - $10
73’s Mike Goldberg VK6MG Mobile: 0423 975 331
Craig VK6HX with price reduction on items.
BWD 835 60MHz Oscilloscope plus 2 x 100MHz probes $250
Tektronix TDS 1002 60MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2 x P2200 probes, with un-opened User
Manual $300
Home brew Octopus Component tester for Oscilloscope. Needs X-Y on scope. $50
Home brew Time Domain Reflectometer 50, 75 and 100 ohm cable tester for oscilloscope $50
Wavetek Model-145 20 MHz Pulse/Function Generator $200
HP 410C Vacuum Tube Volt Meter with AC probe $250
HP Probe ‘T’ connector for HP410C AC probe $75
VK5JST ESR capacitor tester – built and working $50
LDG KT-100 Auto ATU for Kenwood, new unused - $250.00
Icom AH-4 Auto ATU HF/6Meter New Unused - $350.00
Local buyers preferred as unable to post.
Phone 0418 923 257 or email
HF vertical Antenna . Model Gap Titan DX
Made by Gap company - must be excellent
Condition and in working order..
Please call or SMS
Gus on 0407 030 592 or email
Craig VK6HX here and I have some items looking for a new home.
4 towers and 4 rotators - email for information
Complete Yaesu FT-101E station - 12 items - Expressions of interest.
Kenwood TH-45A 70cm hand held, 2 extra batteries and AC charger $40.00
Phillips Low Frequency Generator Model PM5100. $30.00
GW Model GRG-450B RF Signal Generator 100hertz to 450MHz. $50.00
Taylor Model 191A Valve Wide Range RC Oscillator. $20.00
Taylor Model 67A Valve Signal Generator 100Hertz to 240MHZ. $20.00 Or $100 for all 4.
Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor – No pan adaptors. $250.00
Local buyers preferred as unable to post.
Phone 0418 923 257 or email VK6HX @
Generator IDEAL for field days or standby power, 8KW
250volt 32 amp Modra Alternator with 16HP Briggs & Stratton
Petrol Engine $800
PHONE DAVID 08 9418 1835 or 0439 418 183