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20170219 - Helpline

posted Apr 6, 2017, 6:37 PM by News Team   [ updated Apr 6, 2017, 6:37 PM by Bob Bristow ]


If anyone is interested, Richard VK6FR in conjunction with Ron W4MMP
are having some Omnia Proficio all band 5 watt SDR transceiver kits made in China.
These were all destined for the USA but if any local hams are interested Richard
can divert some of the kits directly to his QTH in Perth, saving time and shipping costs. 
The price of the kit with all SMD pars mounted but without case is $299. 
For any more information please contact Richard

73    Richard  VK6FR
1) Kenwood TS 120S transceiver.(needs some repairs on volume control)
2) Icom 2 meter all mode transceiver IC-260E
3) Icom 2 meter FM transceiver IC-255E
4) Icom handheld 144Mhz FM IC-25A
5) Kenwood handheld vhf FM TK-240D
6) Trio handheld 144Mhz FM transceiver TH-21E
7) Icom vhf transceiver IC-V82
8) Craig TX/RX 27Mhz CB transceiver L/32
9) Delcom FCC ID GW2960 Aircraft band transceiver 
10) Kenwood SP 230 speaker
11) Kenwood D-300 Dummy Load
12) 144Mhz Linear Amplifier MML 144/25
13) Datong Morse tutor D70.
Not looking for top dollar but just a fair deal either way.
And best 73's
Carramar  Perth  0450 923 970


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