• Include the date for the intended broadcast
  • Deadline is Thursday evening
  • Supplied audio, 256 kBit, mono, mp3
  • Include contact details in the submission
  • Email it to

Submitting News or giving Feedback?

Getting in touch with the News Team is simple, send an email to, the team will receive the email and one of us will reply - often within the hour. Please remember we're all volunteers.


Deadlines for production are Thursday evening, so we have the time to produce the news. If you have a late breaking story that urgently needs to go to air, send us an email and we'll attempt to accommodate you.

Production Material

If you have a story you'd like to see on the news you can supply it either in text form and a member of the News Team will read it out on your behalf, but we encourage Amateurs to send us their stories as Audio Files, best format is 256kBit MP3 in glorious mono. Audacity is the tool we use and recommend as it runs under Windows, OS X and Linux. We offer a course on producing material for broadcast which includes learning how to write an audio script, recording the audio and editing the result.

Live Broadcast

If you'd like to have the NewsWest team broadcast the news from your club or event, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do for you. Bear in mind that we generally need access to VK6RAP to broadcast the news live, though we're working on other ways of getting the news to the world in a live and timely fashion. News Relay services broadcast the news at different times, so a live broadcast may impact on their service.