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  • NewsWest for Sunday 5th July 2020, New Amateurs Edition 07 July 2020NewsWest for Sunday 5th July  2020is the New Amateurs Editon, where  we welcome New Amateurs, recognising and supporting those who have joined the hobby. I continue the New Hams series, talking about a new amateur setting up for the first time, and  Dan and Jeff have some words of wisdom along the same lines. This week’s Digital Modes series talks about WSJTX.  There’s some discussion about the rescheduled WIA AGM, Roy gives us helpline, and there’s more on Newswest.NewsWest invites contributions to the news programme. You can send contributions by email to newswest@vk6.netYou'll find links to resources on the vk6.net website where you'll also find information on ...
    Posted Jul 3, 2020, 2:41 AM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday 28th June 2020 - History of Amateur Radio Edition June 28 2020NewsWest for Sunday 28th June 2020 is the History of Amateur Radio edition, and we’re drawing on past copies of the Amateur Radio magazine from 1945 and 1934. Today I summarise things I’ve been saying about the Wireless Institute of Australia, and I ask you to listen carefully, as it’s important stuff to know if you’re at all concerned for the success of the Institute.There’s silent key notice, and an item that I prepared before we became aware of the recent passing of Bob VK6BD, which discusses how we as hams could deal with acknowledgement of those from our ranks who have died.There are more bits and pieces to keep ...
    Posted Jun 26, 2020, 5:26 AM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday June 21st 2020, Club Focus Edition 21 June 2020NewsWest for Sunday 21st June 2020  is the Club Focus edition where we’ve provided clubs with the space to promote their club’s activities and achievements.In local news we congratulate a local Amateur for being awarded a gong in the recent Queen’s Birthday honours list, we ponder on the Amateur Radio magazine that is still missing in action, and wondering if we’re seeing symptoms of a larger problem.In the Club Focus series it’s suggested that when clubs resume meetings post-covid, things may not be the same.In the digital modes series we have a look at PSK31, and we tell you about a consumer survey coming soon. There’s Roy ...
    Posted Jun 19, 2020, 4:38 AM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday 14th June 2020 - Contesting Edition 14 June 2020Throughout Western Australia and beyond, this is VK6 Amateur Radio News with NewsWest for Sunday 14th June 2020.  NewsWest today is the contesting edition, and we bring you news of contests, especially Aussie contests,  coming up in the next month or so.Today i bring you a story of RTTY in the Digital modes series, Chris brings news from RASA,  Roy brings you helpline, and Jeff and I tell you about the contests. I gave Dan the day off this week.NewsWest invites contributions to the news programme. You can send contributions by email to newswest@vk6.netYou'll find links to resources on the vk6.net website where you'll also find information on where ...
    Posted Jun 12, 2020, 5:38 AM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest Sunday 7th June 2020 - New Amateurs Edition 07 June 2020NewsWest VK6 Amateur Radio News for Sunday 7th June 2020 is the New Amateurs edition. Today we give our attention to New Amateurs, welcoming newcomers and those who have received new  callsigns in the last month. We’ll tell you about the State of the Hobby Survey for 2020, and there’s a new development on the Reverse Beacon grant offer.There’s a new edition of the RASA podcast, and news of a new video on QRM dot Guru, and news of an exhibition of Amateur Radio history in Perth.All of that and more on NewsWest, which is heard around Western Australia, across the country and internationally via broadcast, downloads and podcast.NewsWest invites contributions ...
    Posted Jun 5, 2020, 7:22 AM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday 31st May 2020 - History of A.R. Edition 31 05 2020In NewsWest this week we ask the question  “Were German Amateur Radio Stations used to broadcast propaganda during World War Two?”  We’ll tell you all about it, because in today’s NewsWest we take a peek at Amateur Radio History as reflected in the Amateur Radio Magazine of May 1940. That’s eighty years ago if you’re slow counting on your fingers.Along with the historical items, we have club information from RAOTC , WA VHF Group and WA Repeater Group, an update from RASA, and Roy completes the programme with Helpline.NewsWest invites contributions to the news programme. You can send contributions by email to newswest@vk6.netYou'll find links to resources on ...
    Posted May 29, 2020, 5:43 PM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest Sunday 24th May 2020 Club Focus Edition 24 May 2020NewsWest for Sunday 24th May 2020 is the Club Focus edition, and we’ve invited local Amateur Radio clubs to provide items on what they are getting up to on the Amateur Radio Club scene here in Western Australia as we emerge from the pandemic restrictions that we’ve been wearing for the last couple of months.There are items from clubs telling us what they are up to, including some reminders from RASA about the various projects they have initiated, there’s a bit more information about the VK Shires contest coming up soon, we take a look into the vortex, and Roy’s Helpline completes the lineup.NewsWest invites contributions to the news programme. You ...
    Posted May 22, 2020, 4:36 AM by Bob Bristow
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Latest WA Helpline

  • 20181118 Roy's Helpline HELPLINE November 18th 2018Have your HELPLINE requests into me by 07:00 hrs WST Friday to be in the nextbroadcast=========================================I am receiving undelivered return email fromVK6HSG ...
    Posted Nov 18, 2018, 5:35 PM by Bob Bristow
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Becoming an Amateur

Clubs in VK6

The VK6 call area, Western Australia, has a vibrant community of amateur radio operators and clubs spread across the state. Clubs in the VK6 area include (in alphabetical order);
The best method to find out about what is happening in our great state, is to listen in to the weekly NewsWest broadcast on Sundays, which is broadcast on various repeaters and rebroadcast on various HF frequencies.

There is a Google Group email mailing list, called WAHAMS which features lively discussion - see the group page here.


Every Week NewsWest is broadcast across Western Australia, Queensland, the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

In the past we’ve acknowledged individual contributors, but the list is never long enough, never covers everyone who’s making an effort, visible, audible or otherwise, so instead.

Thank you.

Thank you for your time, your energy, your transmitter and your voice. Thank you for keeping the numerous repeaters up and operating. Thank you for your call backs, for logging them, for sending them to us and for being part of the community of amateur radio.

If you’d like to help, you can. You can transmit the news, register callbacks, submit stories, record scripts, promote the news or you can get in touch. Our address is newswest@vk6.net.



Eulogy Bank

To record your successes and failures within the Amateur Radio community the WA Amateur Radio News team have created a Eulogy Bank which will hold your stories until the inevitable time when you become a silent key.

AR activities in VK6

VK6 Club Calendar

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