• 20161206 - WIA Director threatens former Treasurer A copy of a letter written by a lawyer representing WIA Director Harrison and sent to the former WIA Treasurer Chapman has emerged. The letter asserts that the former Treasurer used email and Facebook to "harass menace and defame" the Director in "a multitude of letters to the board of the Wireless Institute of Australia".The letter demands that the former WIA Treasurer desists in the publication and circulation of "such material" and relates it to "some ill conceived claim of financial mismanagement", describing it as "an attempt to harass and defame" the Director "in the eyes of the board and members of the WIA".
    Posted Dec 5, 2016, 8:59 PM by News Team
  • 20161204 - Join the WIA now! There are Amateurs who refuse to support the WIA because of poor performance or because of the current ineffectual board.It must be remembered that the Institute is made up by the members, not the Board. For the Institute to be strong and effective, membership must be strong and effective.This is an organisation that was founded before any of its members were born (though we're sure that there's an Amateur somewhere who was born and licensed before 1910).The current board were elected by the membership and can just as easily be removed by the membership. For that to happen, you need to be a member first.While there may be dissatisfaction with the functioning and operation ...
    Posted Dec 3, 2016, 9:43 PM by News Team
  • 20161204 - WIA Director threatens Assistant Treasurer A copy of a letter written by a lawyer representing a WIA Director Swainston and sent to the WIA Assistant Treasurer Tubbenhauer has emerged and it's not pretty. The letter asserts that the Assistant Treasurer slandered the Director during a Directors meeting and demands a letter of apology to be published on the WIA website.
    Posted Dec 3, 2016, 8:42 PM by News Team
  • 20161204 - News for 4 December 2016 In the news this week we take a close look at the dysfunction that is paralysing the Wireless Institute of Australia. We report on what appears to be financial mis-management, lack of procedure, substantial financial losses and give you an overview how this all came to be.During the week two confidential WIA Board reports from two separate Treasurers were leaked containing what can only be described as explosive content. These documents are available from the vk6.net website and we discuss them in detail.A call for a General Meeting of the WIA has been made and the secretary of the WIA has announced the intent of the Institute to hold the meeting in late January.It's ...
    Posted Dec 2, 2016, 9:17 PM by News Team
  • 20161201 WIA news update Yesterday we received news that two treasurer reports to the WIA board have been leaked and having confirmed that these are genuine, they are included below. The first report was written by the then WIA Treasurer, Chris Chapman on 16 February 2016. The second, written by the current WIA Treasurer, Chris Hendry and current Assistant WIA Treasurer, Jeff Tubbenhauer on 18 November 2016.The reports detail specific concerns about the financial situation of the Wireless Institute of Australia going back to 2015 and make recommendations about future policies and procedures as well as stating "the time has now come for the President to show strong leadership and require that Messrs Harrison and Swainston take the only honourable course and resign ...
    Posted Nov 30, 2016, 6:53 PM by News Team
  • 2021127 This Week on NewsWest This week NewsWest looks at the Wireless Institute of Australia, examining why it exist, what's going on with the Board, and wonder what it would be like without the WIA.In Foundations of Amateur Radio, Onno talks about a tidy shack. With so much stuff that ends up in your shack, how do you ever get anything done and how do you overcome the space problem, that is, "I don't have enough space and I never will."Wandering down memory lane, you will hear how Amateur Radio was in days gone by, and you may or may  not be surprised if hings appear the same.You'll hear Roy's Helpline, news form the WA VHF Group, and ...
    Posted Nov 24, 2016, 10:43 PM by Bob Bristow
  • 20161127 From Andrew VK6AS The WIA treasurers have produced a further statement on the fiscal state of the WIA.  Despite having spent many hours in the office and online with MYOB the accounting package, they are still unravelling the mess that the Institute has got itself into.  On release of the statement only a few members of the Board seemed to understand the seriousness of what the treasurers had written, whilst others thought that proofreading and graphic design of fly sheets for the members was more important.  This goes back to points I have made in the past.  The current board is a management committee and appears not to have the appetite to actually direct.Not a great deal of business was transacted at ...
    Posted Nov 24, 2016, 10:39 PM by Bob Bristow
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Latest WA Helpline

  • 20161120 Helpline HELPLINE 20th NOVEMBER 2016ROY’S HELPLINE for Amateurs and Electronic Enthusiasts.================================Wanted,Wanted, Help with getting an Icom IC7000 back to full working condition. Help required, isto be ...
    Posted Nov 20, 2016, 1:23 AM by Bob Bristow
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The VK6 call area, Western Australia, has a vibrant community of amateur radio operators and clubs spread across the state. Clubs in the VK6 area include (in alphabetical order);
The best method to find out about what is happening in our great state, is to listen in to the weekly NewsWest broadcast on Sundays, which is broadcast on various repeaters and rebroadcast on various HF frequencies.

There is a Google Group email mailing list, called WAHAMS which features lively discussion - see the group page here.

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To record your successes and failures within the Amateur Radio community the WA Amateur Radio News team have created a Eulogy Bank which will hold your stories until the inevitable time when you become a silent key.

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Complete list of meeting times for clubs in VK6. Calendar of contests and DX activities.