• Untitled Post 20160828 Editorial - Let Your Light ShineI don’t like disappointments.  I reckon most people don’t like to be disappointed.Something that puzzles me is when I see someone putting a lot of effort into something that is in itself quite worthwhile, however some aspects of the thing fall short of expectations, and the activity doesn’t catch on as well as it should.There could be loads of reasons for this, however I’m interested in the reasons that I know can be eliminated, or turned around. What am I interested in?  Promotion. Advertising. Getting the word out. It’s one of the leading reasons why I and a few others spend several hours each week putting together ...
    Posted Aug 27, 2016, 1:58 AM by Bob Bristow
  • 20160821 - WIA Board Notes by Andrew VK6AS I have recorded these Board notes prior to the WIA Board teleconference scheduled to take place  last Tuesday as I was overseas, but unless volcanoes have exploded I am back now.I put myself up for election on the basis of a need for change at the WIA and you elected me.  I admit that it has been a steep learning curve as a Director, but what has emerged from the WIA is not good.The WIA has had no budget since 2014, currently we have no treasurer and our financial reporting is in disarray.  On my estimation our Institute is losing over 1000 dollars a week.The Board is self centred and not prepared to examine itself both under ...
    Posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:29 PM by News Team
  • 20160821 - Eulogy Bank Our Amateur Radio Community is built by people across the globe. Many of us have never actually met face-to-face the other person whom we speak to regularly on-air. We have a tradition of acknowledging those of us who pass away as a Silent Key (SK). Often very little is known about those who become silent.To help tell your story after you're a silent key a new WA Amateur Radio News initiative is the online Eulogy Bank. We're in the process of rolling it out and want your feedback about the idea. You'll find a link to a PDF showing the intended questions to get you started to record your stories and would like ...
    Posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:23 PM by News Team
  • 20160821 - Prawnheads Perth Radio Amateur and Wireless Noodle House Eating and DIscussion Society, or Prawnheads for short, takes lunch at 12  noon every week, usually at  Chutney Mary’s, corner Hay St and Rokeby Road, Subiaco.  That is, the Prawnheads lunch is in Subiaco on every Wednesday, except for sometimes.Sometimes has come around again, and it’s this coming Wednesday.  Prawnheads is going to Rockingham for the day.Prawnhead this Wednesday is at Sunsets Restaurant on the Rockingham foreshore.   Anyone is welcome at Prawnheads, however if you want to join us, and you dont usually come, let us know so we can book the right size table.Looking forward to seeing you at Prawnheads this coming Wednesday at Sunsets, on the ...
    Posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:18 PM by News Team
  • 20160821 - Stefano 77400 fm If you’ve been listening for the last few weeks, you’d be aware that the NewsWest broadcast now extends beyond VK6, and into VK8, VK4, the VK2 Riverina and North of the River.Huh??Yes. Thanks to Stefano, VK6NAS, the weekly NewsWest broadcast is going out daily at 10am and 6pm Western Standard Time, on a Narrowcasting FM station transmitting on 77.400 Mhz.At the same times it goes to air on RF, our new is also being simulcasted on the internet at www.77400.fm Don’t forget to provide callbacks from this service via the VK6.net website. Be sure to let us know you are listening so we have ideas of numbers, and can provide ...
    Posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:16 PM by News Team
  • 20160821 - WA Amateur Radio News NewsWest is brought to you by WA Amateur Radio News. Production of the weekly news is our single, most intense activity. Three of us share the production, Roy does Helpline, and Onno, Andrew, Glynn and myself write and record items. And of course there are contributions from other people to help fill out our news programme.We’d probably, between us, spend an average of 5 or more hours each every week putting the news together. This is not a complaint - we enjoy what we do, and we enjoy the privilege of being able to bring you the news, and to promote Amateur activity in Western Australia.WAARN has other strings to its bow, and these include providing education and ...
    Posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:12 PM by News Team
  • 20160821 - RD Contest Last week the annual on-air amateur radio contest, the Remembrance Day Contest was held across 24 hours on all Amateur Radio Bands to commemorate the sacrifices made by radio amateurs during World War 2.I participated with many other stations and hope that you managed to also get on air to make contact with other amateurs across this state and beyond. This year I'm unlikely to win any prizes, but I had great fun doing it. I managed 93 contacts, mostly on 2m and 70cm, a far cry from my previous winning scores, but I learned that I was able to make a voice keyer work on my radio and for a change didn't lose my voice ...
    Posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:09 PM by News Team
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Latest WA Helpline

  • 20160821 - Helpline ROY’S HELPLINE for Radio Amateurs, SWL & Electronic Enthusiasts.HELPLINE 21 AUGUST 2016=================================Available:1 only 5BP1 cathode ray tube in original carton (silverfish damaged)Condition unknown but comes with ...
    Posted Aug 21, 2016, 11:52 PM by News Team
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Becoming an Amateur

Clubs in VK6

The VK6 call area, Western Australia, has a vibrant community of amateur radio operators and clubs spread across the state. Clubs in the VK6 area include (in alphabetical order);
The best method to find out about what is happening in our great state, is to listen in to the weekly NewsWest broadcast on Sundays, which is broadcast on various repeaters and rebroadcast on various HF frequencies.

There is a Google Group email mailing list, called WAHAMS which features lively discussion - see the group page here.


To register that you listened to the programme and to supply the team with invaluable feedback we ask that you log your callback if you're unable to do so on-air after the broadcast.

Eulogy Bank

To record your successes and failures within the Amateur Radio community the WA Amateur Radio News team have created a Eulogy Bank which will hold your stories until the inevitable time when you become a silent key.

AR activities in VK6

Complete list of meeting times for clubs in VK6. Calendar of contests and DX activities.