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NewsWest has continued to be produced and broadcast on the usual schedule during the COVID-19
pandemic emergency. 

PERTHTECH is coming  in 2021.
We're working on an exciting new covid proof way of  delivering PerthTech to a wider audience. We'll keep you posted as our thought bubbles morph into more concrete plans.


  • NewsWest Sunday 24th January 2021 - Open Theme Edition 24 Jan 2021NewsWest for Sunday 24th January, 2021 has no fixed theme, and we’re reporting on a variety of topics, including a silent key tribute for Laurie VK6GL.Today you’ll hear about a couple of contests coming up soon, some news from space, and refreshingly, our space news actually concerns Amateur Radio. We have information on the new Gardening Net, Ham College activities, another comment on the ACMA callsigns story, and we took the portable recording studio to FT-500 - the Wireless HIll celebration of the 500th episode of F-Troop.NewsWest targets the VK6 Amateur Radio community, and is available on air, online and on demand.  We have a decent following both at home in Western ...
    Posted Jan 22, 2021, 10:37 PM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday 17th January 2021 - History of Amateur Radio Edition 17 Jan 2021NewsWest for Sunday 17th January 2021 is the History of Amateur Radio Edition, and we take a look at January 1946, when Amateur Radio begins to resume after World War Two. There’s news from the Peel Amateur Radio Group advising of some interesting activities they have coming up, F Troop is celebrating a milestone, theres news from RASA with the latest QTC Lite newsletter, New from fists Down Under, and a bit of a roundup from previous stories about bullying, involving a court case between Amateurs.All of this and more on NewsWest, Your Western Australian Amateur Radio News Service, servicing the VK6 call area and beyond. NewsWest is available on air, online and on demand ...
    Posted Jan 14, 2021, 11:08 PM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday 10th January 2021 - Contesting Edition 10 Jan 2021NewsWest for Sunday 10th January 2021 is the contesting edition.There’s information about four Aussie and International contests coming up in the next month or two, especially we encourage you to think about how you might tackle the John Moyle Memorial Field Day in March, remembering that last year we had to pull the plug on many planned activities for that weekend.There’s a comment from Glenn VK4DU about the recent unilateral changes by the ACMA to the callsign prefixes in relation to the State number, I remark about the current state of Solar Cycle 25 and comment on Amateur Radio in Emergency Communications. And of course we cap off the programme with Roy’s ...
    Posted Jan 7, 2021, 11:13 PM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest 3rd January 2021 - Club Focus Edition 03 Jan 2021NewsWest for Sunday 3rd January, 2021 is the Club Focus edition, where we give clubs the space to promote themselves and what they are getting up to.  I’m Bob VK6POP, on behalf of the NewsWest team, I’m wishing you a very Happy New Year. In an editorial comment, I cap off the discussion about appropriate behaviour among Amateurs, and in the regular Club Focus series, this time read by Jeff, we talk about the need for clubs to look after their members.This and more on NewsWest, your Amateur Radio News for the VK6 call area and beyond.NewsWest invites contributions to the news programme. You can send contributions by email to newswest@vk6.net ...
    Posted Dec 31, 2020, 11:08 PM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWEst 27 December 2020, New Amateurs Edition and Happy New year 27 Dec 2020In NewsWest for Sunday 27th December 2020, we’re acknowledging those who are new to the hobby, or have recently upgraded their license.And, importantly, it’s the last NewsWest for 2020.  What a mucky year it’s been for almost everything, and we’re very lucky here in VK6 Land for being able to dodge the bug for so long.As well as congratulating new amateurs, we’re commenting about inappropriate behaviour on air and especially on social media, and its no coincidence that the Government has announced impending legislation to address online bullying.There’s a reminder about the ARRL RTTY roundup next weekend, some Amateur Radio New Year resolutions from 1929, and Roy’s ...
    Posted Dec 24, 2020, 2:49 AM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday 20th December 2020 - History of Amateur Radio Edition. Ho. Ho. 20 December 2020NewsWest for Sunday 20th December, 2020 is a history of Amateur Radio edition, including an interview with Phil, the guy at the Space museum in Carnarvon at the old space communication station, Amateur Radio resumes as a Christmas gift in 1945, there's a radio story from Antarctica, and if you’ve ever wondered how the time pips were generated for broadcast on 6WF way back when, we’ve got the story.Roy presents his weekly Helpline, and there’s some Ham Radio Christmas poetry.NewsWest is your Amateur Radio news service for the VK6 call area and beyond, available on air, online and on demand. Visit VK6 dot NET to find out how.NewsWest invites contributions ...
    Posted Dec 18, 2020, 5:21 AM by Bob Bristow
  • NewsWest for Sunday 13th December 2020 - Contesting Edition 13 Dec 2020NewsWest for Sunday 13th December 2020 is the contesting edition, and we have news of six Amateur Radio contests coming up soon, and in January, that you may be interested in.Andrew gives a clarification of the ACMA announcement concerning the sixty metre, five megahertz band for Amateurs in Australia, Jeff tells us about a new net in Western Australia, the winners of the NCRG raffle are announced, we have Roy’s Helpline, and there's more, on NewsWest, your Western Australian Amateur Radio News programme, and you can hear NewsWest on air, online and on demand. Find out where and how at vk6 dot net.NewsWest invites contributions to the news programme. You can send contributions ...
    Posted Dec 10, 2020, 10:39 PM by Bob Bristow
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Latest WA Helpline

  • 20181118 Roy's Helpline HELPLINE November 18th 2018Have your HELPLINE requests into me by 07:00 hrs WST Friday to be in the nextbroadcast=========================================I am receiving undelivered return email fromVK6HSG ...
    Posted Nov 18, 2018, 5:35 PM by Bob Bristow
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Becoming an Amateur

Clubs in VK6

The VK6 call area, Western Australia, has a vibrant community of amateur radio operators and clubs spread across the state. Clubs in the VK6 area include (in alphabetical order);
The best method to find out about what is happening in our great state, is to listen in to the weekly NewsWest broadcast on Sundays, which is broadcast on various repeaters and rebroadcast on various HF frequencies.

There is a Google Group email mailing list, called WAHAMS which features lively discussion - see the group page here.


Every Week NewsWest is broadcast across Western Australia, Queensland, the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

In the past we’ve acknowledged individual contributors, but the list is never long enough, never covers everyone who’s making an effort, visible, audible or otherwise, so instead.

Thank you.

Thank you for your time, your energy, your transmitter and your voice. Thank you for keeping the numerous repeaters up and operating. Thank you for your call backs, for logging them, for sending them to us and for being part of the community of amateur radio.

If you’d like to help, you can. You can transmit the news, register callbacks, submit stories, record scripts, promote the news or you can get in touch. Our address is newswest@vk6.net.



Eulogy Bank

To record your successes and failures within the Amateur Radio community the WA Amateur Radio News team have created a Eulogy Bank which will hold your stories until the inevitable time when you become a silent key.

AR activities in VK6

VK6 Club Calendar

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