20151206 - WIA Director Election

posted Dec 6, 2015, 10:53 AM by News Team
Andrew VK6AS

Andrew VK6AS, nominated as 
new WIA director

WIA Director Election

WIA members recently received an email notifying them of a call for nominations for election of Directors. On this rotation cycle three positions become available to take effect from 28 May 2016 and 2 of our retiring Directors, President Phil Wait and Director Rowan Dollar  have offered themselves for re-election.  

WIA Directors are dedicated and committed to doing their best for the Australian Amateur Radio community as a whole, and for WIA members specifically. If you believe you have the capacity, desire and commitment to volunteer and serve your fellow members, please consider submitting a nomination in accordance with the instructions on the notice attached to the email. If you know someone who would be a suitable candidate, consider asking them.

Well I do know someone who would be eminently suitable, and I have asked Andrew VK6AS to nominate himself for election. Andrew is well qualified to take up such an appointment, with his professional medical, management and academic experience.   

Andrew will be seeking support Australia wide, and particularly will be seeking support from Western Australia.  We will have to get organised and intentional about encouraging members to vote, and to vote in a way beneficial to a good outcome for Western Australia.  The Director who is not seeking re-election is from South Australia, and I’m sure the Amateurs in that State will make a concerted effort to get another South Australian onto the Board, as must we to elect a Western Australian to the Board.
To be eligible to stand for election as a Director, you must hold an Australian Amateur Radio License and be a voting member of the Wireless Institute of Australia. The Returning Officer WIA for the WIA Director Elections is Geoffrey Atkinson VK3AFA.  Nominations must be sent by snail mail only to the WIA office in Victoria. No electronic applications will be received. Nominations close on the 31st January 2016.

--Bob, VK6POP