20151209 - vk6.net

posted Dec 8, 2015, 11:15 AM by News Team
Amateur Radio in VK6
VK6 dot net has been around as a central vk6 info reference since Adam was a boy in short pants And computers were clockwork and had to be wound up twice a day. It was started many years ago by a dedicated group of VK6 amateurs as a way of pooling information related to and of interest to vk6 amateurs. in recent years  much of the content became dated and almost of more historical significance due mainly as often happens in these type of things, as the input and collecting of information was left to a small group over a number of years to maintain. 

Inevitably people who volunteer for tasks like this become tired and want to move on as well and so the webpage  began to lose relevance to many people and with lack of fresh input,became outdated, but all was not lost as along came a small group of people wearing underpants on the outside of their shorts and calling themselves  the NewsWest team set about resurrecting what has been can be and should be online to point for as much as we can stuff into it about amateur radio as possible.

As in any publication whether it is online on paper or scratched on a rock, the information only as good as what is provided  to the editorial staff, and updated regularly to keep it interesting and correct.

So if you are a club in a particular place and want to make sure everyone knows who you are what you are and what is happening in your club, or if you are individual or group of guys with a particular interest in the radio or related aspects of our hobby then please keep us updated at NewsWest preferably via email to newswest@vK6.net so we can make sure that your interests are looked after.

Initially of course particularly if you make changes to your meetings or membership or direction etc. but also very importantly to the wider Western Australian amateur radio community so everyone can keep up with what is going on, who is doing what, with which  to whom and how often.

Remember it is a free service and there are many of those around. Please keep us updated so we can make sure everyone else knows up-to-date information about you and what your group  or club I getting on with. If you are a club that is particularly easy to Someone on the shoulder and make them responsible for updating and advising vk6.net