20151220 - VK6OE sk

posted Dec 19, 2015, 3:07 PM by News Team   [ updated Dec 20, 2015, 4:28 PM ]
Cyril VK6OE sk
Cyril VK6OE sk - Image: w6tj.org
During the week we heard from Keith VK6RK that Cyril VK6OE after a brief illness in hospital, a gentleman of the airwaves became a silent key on Monday. 

Cyril was a stalwart of our bands. He was encouraging of all new amateurs, from Keith who emigrated 28 years ago, Cyril was instrumental in getting him on air. Steve VK6ST tells us that Cyril was the first VK6 contact he made as a novice in 1981 in the Atherton Tablelands. He was a regular participant in F-troop, calling in and participating from the early days until earlier this year. Ray VK6ZRW tells us that Cyril checked into just about every WARG net and Ian VK6DW tells us that Cyril was one of his very first contacts on air as an F-call. Bill VK6WJ reminds us that Cyril regularly called back on the news with his very distinctive voice.

He once told me that he had a scotish friend Connor who he regularly confused with my name during F-troop, but we all took it in our stride. Cyril was reported to be a former cinema projectionist in VK7 before he came to Perth and regularly kept in touch with his VK7 friends via on-air skeds. Cyril regularly participated actively in the RD contest, both on HF and VHF. The NCRG removed his tower some years ago after some grief with neighbours.

There will be many people who will miss Victor Kilo Six Oscar Echo.

A gentleman of our air, Cyril Roberts VK6OE SK

The committal service is on Monday, December 21, 14:00, Brown Chapel, Karrakatta Crematorium. [details]