20160127 - WIA Board Elections

posted Jan 26, 2016, 3:28 PM by News Team

Andrew VK6AS
Andrew VK6AS

Hopefully you’ve all heard by now that Andrew VK6AS has nominated for election as a Wireless Institute of Australia Director. It’s going to be tough going to get enough votes to get Andrew elected, so there’s something you need to understand about how to cast an effective vote for Andrew.

The WIA uses a first past the post voting system. For example If there are three positions available, and there are more than three nominations, a ballot paper will be issued to members.

The candidates will be listed, with a tic box next to each. You are asked to tick the box next to the persons you wish to see elected.

When the votes are counted, the three candidates with the highest number of votes are declared elected.

The strategy I recommend to give Andrew the best chance of being elected is to only vote for Andrew. To vote for Andrew, place a tick in the box next to his name, and do not tick any other boxes. If you place more than one tick you are giving the opponents an advantage.

There are other considerations to remember, and I’ll remind you again closer to the ballot.

If you tick ALL of the candidates on the ballot paper, your vote is informal and won’t be counted

If you number the boxes 1,2,3 etcetera, your vote is informal and won’t be counted.

Ballot papers and reply paid envelope with be included with the March Amateur Radio magazine, so look out for it when you receive your March copy of the magazine.

To wrap up, the only way we can put a Western Australian on the Board as a Director, is to vote for Andrew Smith, VK6AS, and to vote for him only.