20160129 - News Theme - Musicians Wanted

posted Jan 28, 2016, 5:19 PM by News Team
First Edition of AR - Image: VK6UU
First Edition of AR - Image: VK6UU
Any musicians around?

We're looking for some theme music for our amateur radio news (ham radio) bulletin. It would be used on our weekly news and podcast. At this stage, we can pay you triple what we get paid. ($0), but we would put a credit on our website and a regular thank-you in our bulletin.

This news has been produced since 1931, has a rich history, is made by volunteers and is heard in Western Australia and beyond.


From a theme perspective, other than that it signifies the coming of the news, some hint towards radio, Morse code, white noise would be wonderful. It needs to have a definitive start and finish, needs to have an audio-bed in the middle that can be used to fade out from the start, or fade in to the end.

From a copyright perspective, you'd retain copyright, and of course, it has to be music that you own, so you can't give us the BBC news theme wink emoticon