20160309 - WA VHF Group

posted Mar 8, 2016, 6:00 PM by News Team
Ty VK6HTY sends in this news from WA VHF GROUP

So, What is WA VHF Group all about?

The challenge of communication in the higher amateur bands is the group's main objective, and while our members do inhabit the lower frequencies in the HF band, the primary interest is the higher frequencies of 50 MHz and above.

The group is known for the beacons that are spread out over the state. They are working on frequencies of 50 MHz through to 10 GHz and are the basis of the groups studies into radio propagation. Many of them are in the process of being upgraded to gps-locked beacons.

To get a feel for how the group works the best way is at one of our Monday night meeting and technical talks, or Saturday afternoon activity days.

Meetings are on the fourth Monday of each month at 8pm. There is a technical talk after the formal meeting that covers all areas in amateur radio. Past talks where on simple topics like batteries through to remote control systems on home radio stations. 

Our February meeting featured a talk by Ty VK6HTY on the uses of the Raspberry Pi in Amateur radio service. Ty’s demonstration included using a satellite LNB and SDR dongle to receive 10GHz transmissions on an android tablet for a portable setup and a Raspberry Pi with a touch screen.

We plan to alternate the technical talks from digital topics such as control and testing using micro-controllers, to more conventional radio topics including antennas, test and measurement, batteries, earthing, and so on.

Our new activity days are on the first Saturday of the month at 2pm. There will be a greater chance to discuss your hobby, be hands on with antenna and radio construction, and help with the upkeep of the club.

Venue for both meeting days is the Operators Cottage at Wireless Hill, Ardross.

New Members are always welcome and within the membership there will be someone to help in advancing your hobby in amateur radio.

Memberships are only $25 Metro and $22 country.

Information about the club can be found at www.wavhfgroup.org.au.