20160310 - Hills Amateur Radio Group

posted Mar 10, 2016, 6:21 PM by News Team
Richard VK6BMW sends in a report on the HILLS AMATEUR RADIO GROUP SERVICES

The Hills Amateur Radio Group Inc. fondly known as HARG. offers numerous services to members:-

  • EMAIL ACCOUNT for each member with optional forwarding to a user specified email account.
  • use of GOOGLE APPS such as DOCS, SHEETS, SLIDES, CONTACTS and CALENDAR with an On-Line storage of 30 Gigabytes per member account.
  • a GOOGLE GROUP just for member chit chat.
  • WEBSITE at WWW.HARG.ORG.AU which gives access to current and past events with a gallery of pictures. A Members area with access to most HARG documentation, AR articles, past Technical presentations, published articles from RSARS Amateur Radio Antenna Library together with other useful Shack and operating info, including a list of Technical and Service Manuals for members to borrow.
  • TRADE ACCOUNT with local electronics retailer
  • POST Office BOX for members use
  • ON-AIR CHAT on 2M simplex frequency of 145.525 MHz
  • ON-AIR MORSE TUTOR/BEACON on 3.685 MHz for practising your CW reading. Available twice daily 0630 to 0830 and 1830 to 2030 WST.
  • CLUBROOMS are permanent with plentiful parking, kitchen and ablutions access.
  • MEETINGS are held twice a month on second and last Saturdays of the month. A more Formal Meeting is held on the last Saturday of the month, often with a Technical presentation. Informal chats and activities are held the second Saturday of the month.
  • CLUB STATION VK6AHR is a permanently setup, fully functioning, HF and VHF station . Our 13 Metre mast has a directional antennae. Internet access is available via 3G/4G with a local WIFI for members.
  • HARGFEST Annual buy and sell of used and new equipment, around April each year.
  • RF CAMPOUTS are held away from urban development and associated RF noise, allowing for a very relaxed fun time with the radio and antennas, often with the associated BBQ and overnight stay..
  • CONTESTS are often participated in either from the Club Shack, overnight campouts or daytime Field Days.
  • QSL Service is of course a fundamental service of the club with cards being sent and received on a regular basis via the WIA QSL Bureau.
  • Mentoring and advice is happily provided by Club members on many aspects of amateur radio.

All in all sounds like HARG is a great Club to be in, Come join us, only $30 per year.