20160821 - RD Contest

posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:09 PM by News Team
Last week the annual on-air amateur radio contest, the Remembrance Day Contest was held across 24 hours on all Amateur Radio Bands to commemorate the sacrifices made by radio amateurs during World War 2.

I participated with many other stations and hope that you managed to also get on air to make contact with other amateurs across this state and beyond. This year I'm unlikely to win any prizes, but I had great fun doing it. I managed 93 contacts, mostly on 2m and 70cm, a far cry from my previous winning scores, but I learned that I was able to make a voice keyer work on my radio and for a change didn't lose my voice or wake up the family with calling CQ and I must confess, working from home was nice and warm for a change.

So far we have 30 logs submitted from Western Australia, but I'd like to encourage you to submit your log, even if you haven't made many contacts, since every log counts towards the participation rate that is used to rank our state and to make it possible for VK6 to once again reclaim the trophy and glory that comes from beating every other state.

So, a reminder to you to get your log submitted. Do it today. I know I made contact with several stations who haven't yet submitted their log.