20160821 - Stefano 77400 fm

posted Aug 19, 2016, 10:16 PM by News Team
If you’ve been listening for the last few weeks, you’d be aware that the NewsWest broadcast now extends beyond VK6, and into VK8, VK4, the VK2 Riverina and North of the River.


Yes. Thanks to Stefano, VK6NAS, the weekly NewsWest broadcast is going out daily at 10am and 6pm Western Standard Time, on a Narrowcasting FM station transmitting on 77.400 Mhz.

At the same times it goes to air on RF, our new is also being simulcasted on the internet at www.77400.fm 

Don’t forget to provide callbacks from this service via the VK6.net website. Be sure to let us know you are listening so we have ideas of numbers, and can provide feedback to the operator.

If you’re interested, You can also discover more about Stefano’s station by going to the web address.

Thanks Stefano, and NewsWest look forward to providing you with more content in the future!