20160911 - VHF UHF Spring Contest

posted Sep 10, 2016, 6:04 PM by News Team
The VHF-UHF Field Days provide you with the opportunity to "head for the hills" and see how far and how many stations you can work, and hopefully do it from a portable setup.

The Field Days have separate sections for single and multiple operator stations. The duration of the Field Day is 24 hours, but there are also 8 hour sections for operators who may not be able to operate overnight.

Most club stations prefer to operate for the full 24 hours.

The Field Days also generate plenty of activity from home stations, so there is also a separate Home Station section.

All contacts must be simplex: contacts through repeaters or satellites are not allowed. There is plenty of FM activity, but one feature of the Field Days is a high level of SSB activity, so it would pay to be prepared for both.

It is possible to do very well with only modest antennas if you pick a good hilltop. Another option, if your station is easily transportable, is to operate from more than one location during the contest period, so think about that one too.

The overall aim of this contest is to get away for the weekend and have fun! But next after that, the aims are: 

  • to encourage more activity on VHF and microwave bands;
  • to encourage people to work greater distances than usual by operating portable, and 
  • to provide opportunities for people to activate or work into new grid squares. 

 You’ve got loads of time to prepare for the Spring 2016 UHF-VHF Contest, as it’s on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November.

Check the WIA website for details.