20161002 - 160m Broadcast

posted Sep 30, 2016, 5:56 PM by News Team
If you were looking for the news early on sunday morning, but thought something was amiss, it wasn’t, it was that you didn’t listen to or read our on line announcement last week that Phil VK6GX’s broadcasts of the news have moved today to their summer schedule of 0600 and 0700 on 160m. So be reminded that Phil broadcasts from Gidgegannup at 0600 and 0700 on 1845 kHz, that’s in the160 metre band, every Sunday morning and takes call backs after the news.

Of course if you are listening at the correct time on Sunday morning, well done, you are a shining example of the power of advertising.

A further plug for our own VK6POP, Bob broadcasts the news also from Gidgegannup at 7pm on Siunday evenings on 80 metres. Depending on QRM the frequency is around 3.619 MHz. If you are within range of the VHF/UHF repeater network then he usually gives accurate details 10 minutes or so before the start of the relay. Call backs are also taken.

WA Amateur Radio News thanks all of the volunteers who assist in getting and keeping our news on the air.