20161002 - Editorial WIA

posted Sep 30, 2016, 5:58 PM by News Team
No doubt you’ve heard and seen discussion about what’s happening within the Board of Directors of the Wireless Institute of Australia. Directors Andrew Smith and Paul Simmonds have pursued governance and financial management issues with the Board since they took up their positions after the Annual general Meeting in May.

It has been revealed that the WIA has been operating at a loss for more than one year, that financial records are incomplete, and that the WIA was unable to produce an acceptable financial report to the membership at the recent Annual General Meeting.

I congratulate Andrew and Paul for their diligence and dedication to the task, and urge all members to support them.

Despite all of the preceding, the WIA is still providing its core services, and I urge everyone to remember this. Callsigns are still being recommended, the exam service still operates, certificates of proficiency are being issued, the club insurance scheme is running, and representation to Government continues with negotiations for the new License Conditions Determination (LCD) for Amateur Radio.

There’s been a lot of negative comment on social media, led by a small number of people with agendas of their own. They are correct in that thing need fixing, however their comments are destructive and often incorrect.

You can support Andrew and Paul by listening to what they have to say, and either attending the forthcoming general meeting of the WIA, or by giving your proxy to Andrew or Paul.

If you’re not currently a member, you can add your support by joining up now, and providing your proxy vote to Paul or Andrew. You can join the WIA online at the website, www.wia.org.au

The Wireless Institute of Australia is the oldest national amateur radio organisation in the world, and has been operating for 106 years, and it’s up to us, the members, to make sure the Institute continues to serve us.