20161016 What's On NewsWest This Week

posted Oct 15, 2016, 5:40 AM by Bob Bristow
This week on NewsWest is Club Focus, and we freely promote Amateur Radio Clubs and Groups in Western Australia.  You’ll hear Bob VK6POP discuss Governance as it applies with a club, and Andrew tells us about his meetings last week in South Australia, and the forthcoming meeting in Perth.

In Foundations of Amateur radio, Onno poses some questions about DX, - is it common ground on a common term? Sometimes you find yourself in an unexpected argument about something that everyone agrees on. DX is a classic example of something everyone agrees on - right?

And of course we have Roy’s Helpline, in its 29th year, and still providing a service to W.A. Amateurs.

All this and more on NewsWest.

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