20161106 Director's Corner

posted Nov 6, 2016, 4:36 AM by Bob Bristow

Positive news this week

As you may be aware the Board recently appointed a Treasurer and a deputy treasurer.  Chris VK3PAT and Jeff VK5IU  have lost no time in getting into the WIA office and also entering the Institute’s accounting package on line.

Like the curate’s egg there is good and bad.  At least we are now starting to get an idea of exactly where the Institute stands financially but it’s impossible to give any accurate figure at this stage.

Jeff and Chris have, or shortly will, release information on the WIA website.  They express concern about incorrect entries being made into the accounting software and that some of the WIA’s systems do not integrate well into the accounting package MYOB, but they hope that within two to three months they will be able to provide accurate accounts to the Board and from then on will be providing reconciled accounts on a monthly basis.  It is to be hoped that the Board will agree to then share this information with the membership as after all the Institute is your organisation and not the Board’s

Jeff and Chris report that “It is certain that the WIA is not trading as insolvent and members can be assured that the issues are not life threatening but there are significant challenges ahead.”

A further item of good news is that the long awaited volunteer charter has been produced and is being circulated for discussion.  Hopefully this will allow the Committee structure to be reorganised to become more functional and allow the Board to get on with the task of directing and not just managing the affairs of the WIA