20161110 WIA Volunteer Charter

posted Nov 9, 2016, 4:13 PM by News Team
WIA Volunteer Charter
The Wireless Institute of Australia has released a draft Volunteer Charter slated for commencement on the 1st of January 2017. The full draft document is attached below and feedback is requested. Please note that this draft document is subject to change.

The draft proposed charter describes the functioning and operation of the WIA and contains specific expectations and commitments for both the Volunteer and the Institute.

Your feedback is encouraged and welcomed.

Please submit your feedback online. Your response is public.

What volunteers can expect
  1. That selection for a role is based on the suitability of interests, skills and experience relating to the role.
  2. That all volunteers are properly covered by the WIA’s applicable insurances, including public liability.
  3. That all volunteer roles are covered by the WIA’s policies and procedures on bullying and harassment, discrimination, equal employment opportunity, grievance, appeals, safety, privacy and such other applicable policies and procedures as may be adopted from time to time.
  4. That a role has tasks and requirements well-defined, including deliverables and time frames.
  5. That, as role vacancies arise, they will be advertised on the WIA website and in other media as the Board requires, providing a role description and selection criteria.
  6. That expressions-of-interest in roles will be handled expeditiously and without discrimination.
  7. On appointment, volunteers will receive an orientation briefing and guidance from the committee leader or other nominee, setting out the purpose of the committee and/or the role’s tasks, current issues and reporting requirements.
  8. That the assigned responsible director actively supports the work of committees and volunteers and their relationship with the Board.
  9. That tools for fulfilling the tasks of a role are adequate and generally fit for purpose.
  10. To have a safe, healthy working environment so far as is applicable in the circumstances.
  11. To be able to request support as or when required.
  12. To be consulted and involved in changes to roles or committees, their functions and tasks.
  13. That suggestions, recommendations and advice provided to the Board is acknowledged, treated fairly, and actioned in a timely manner, or, where not approved, that a clear explanation is provided.
  14. To have their membership of a committee or placement in a role acknowledged on the WIA website and, from time to time when available, published in Amateur Radio magazine and other media.
  15. That performance or misconduct issues are promptly identified, recorded and addressed in line with principles of natural justice.
  16. That fair and transparent procedures are employed for ending the involvement of a volunteer, for whatever reason.

What the WIA expects

  1. That volunteers will be a current financial member of the WIA, except where a role is specifically identified as being exempt from this requirement, as resolved by the Board.
  2. That volunteers uphold the WIA Constitution, the Code of Ethics, the Privacy Policy and the Vision and Values of the WIA as expressed in this Charter, or as otherwise set down from time to time.
  3. That volunteers will perform their tasks and functions reliably and in a timely manner, according to the requirements of their role and within their capacities and capabilities.
  4. That volunteers not make, or be party to making, decisions with any improper purpose or personal motive; loyalty and integrity come before personal ambition and ego.
  5. That, as a representative of the WIA, volunteers are expected to act in the best interests of the Institute and represent Amateur Radio and the WIA in a positive and professional manner.
  6. That volunteers are expected to value and support WIA employees, WIA members and other volunteers.
  7. That committee leaders or other co-ordinators will make regular contact with committee or team members to maintain clear communication, to obtain status advice and to take action on issues that need addressing.
  8. That volunteers will inform their committee leader, or their responsible director, or the WIA Secretary, if deliverables are delayed, may not meet given time frames, or cannot be fulfilled.
  9. That volunteers seek assistance and advice from their committee leader, their colleagues or their responsible director if required at any time.
  10. That where a volunteer identifies opportunities for improvement to business practices and processes, it is communicated to the committee leader and/or the responsible director, for formal recording and adoption.
  11. That volunteers will cooperate with the Board in any action necessary to maintain a healthy work environment for staff and volunteers.
  12. That, where IT application or software tool development are undertaken, guidelines and requirements will be provided by the IT Committee.
  13. That, so far as is practicable, volunteers are encouraged to attend conferences, expositions, meetings, training events or teleconferences from time to time, in order to fulfil their roles.
  14. That volunteers agree to have their membership in a committee or placement in a role published on the WIA website and Amateur Radio magazine, or other media.
  15. That volunteers will not make public statements via any media that is to the detriment of the WIA.
  16. That resolution of disputes is first sought through discussion and mutual agreement, or, failing that through the policies and processes for grievances and appeals adopted by the Board.
  17. That, while the Board reserves the right to reassign volunteers or change role requirements, fair and transparent procedures are employed for changing the role or nature of the involvement of a volunteer.
  18. That volunteer performance or misconduct issues are promptly identified, recorded and addressed in line with principles of natural justice.
  19. That fair and transparent procedures are employed for ending the involvement of a volunteer, for whatever reason.

News Team,
Nov 9, 2016, 4:14 PM