20161204 - Join the WIA now!

posted Dec 3, 2016, 9:43 PM by News Team
Join the WIA now!There are Amateurs who refuse to support the WIA because of poor performance or because of the current ineffectual board.

It must be remembered that the Institute is made up by the members, not the Board. For the Institute to be strong and effective, membership must be strong and effective.

This is an organisation that was founded before any of its members were born (though we're sure that there's an Amateur somewhere who was born and licensed before 1910).

The current board were elected by the membership and can just as easily be removed by the membership. For that to happen, you need to be a member first.

While there may be dissatisfaction with the functioning and operation of the Institute, that's not helped by refusing to be a member.

If the concern is that member money is being wasted by the Board, you can either remove the source of income, or the source of the expense. One leads to less members and a weaker Institute, the other leads to another Board.