20161211 - News for 11 December 2016

posted Dec 10, 2016, 4:03 AM by News Team
This Week
In the news this week we have our usual reminders of meetings of interest to amateurs in VK6. Our theme is a focus on clubs so we have a report from Ty from the WA VHF group and from the Peel amateur Radio group, the WA Repeater Group and Ham College. Clive VK6CSW has important information on the rescheduling of HF Broadcasts of the national news and NewsWest for the next months. Bob reminds you of the upcoming Mills of the air event and I am keen to encourage you to contribute to our news as well as giving you an update on the issues current at the WIA. No news would be complete without Onno's foundations of amateur radio and of course there's Roy with a reactivated helpline.

Andrew VK6AS