20161212 - WIA Treasurers puts WIA into "care and maintenance" mode

posted Dec 11, 2016, 5:34 PM by News Team
The WIA Treasures have expressed their disappointment with the inability of the Board to achieve mediation on Saturday and furthermore have failed to implement the recommendations outlined in the previously leaked Treasurers report. The WIA Treasurer included as recipient of the email the WIA Reform Group who were party to the failed mediation. The letter gives explicit permission to publish the letter "so that WIA members can be made aware of the Honorary Treasurers’ position".

The WIA Honorary Treasurers are very disappointed that the Board was unable to achieve mediation yesterday. Consequently, the Board has failed to implement the recommendations of the Treasurers’ Report as previously agreed in its entirety by a majority of Board members. This places the Honorary Treasurers in a very difficult position.

The Assistant Treasurer and I have given this matter a great deal of thought and soul-searching. The decision regarding our next course of action comes down to one basic premise: to act in the best interest of the members of the WIA.

The Treasurers could have held the Board to ransom by refusing to continue with their duties, knowing that there is a looming deadline for the submission of accounts to the ACMA.

The Honorary Treasurers will set an example to the Board by acting professionally and in the best interest of the members of the WIA. Even though ongoing disunity at Board level will make their task more difficult, the Treasurers will continue to work diligently to identify and correct the multiple problems with the WIA’s accounts until the outcome of the General Meeting is known.

The continuation the Honorary Treasurers’ services comes with conditions. In view of the increasing deficit, the financial affairs of the WIA are to be placed on a “care and maintenance” basis with immediate effect and until further notice. Salaries and utilities expenditure can continue as well as production and publication of AR Magazine where there are contractual arrangements with advertisers and members. The direct costs associated with the General Meeting can proceed, however, the Treasurer will not approve the WIA meeting any legal costs in relation to the General Meeting incurred by any Director. Such costs are to be at their own expense. Any other costs are to be approved by the Honorary Treasurer before they are incurred. Otherwise, there is to be no expenditure whatsoever other than that absolutely necessary for the WIA to continue operating.

If there is an attempt by any Directors to derail or sabotage the proposed General Meeting, the Honorary Treasurers will withdraw their services immediately.

This email has been copied to Mr Chapman. The WIARG has the Honorary Treasurers’ permission to publish this email so that WIA members can be made aware of the Honorary Treasurers’ position.

Chris Hendry
Hororary Treasurer
Wireless Institute of Australia

Callsign: VK3PAT
Mobile: 0421 333 589