20161214 - WIA President makes "personal comments" on Social Media

posted Dec 13, 2016, 5:25 PM by News Team
WIA news update
In what can only be described as an extraordinary move, the besieged WIA President Phil Wait used Social Media to suggest four paths out of the mire that has engulfed the Wireless Institute of Australia. In the post he asks: "Have all four Directors done anything that warrants their resignation in an undemocratic process, forced out by the power of social media and some loud voices?"

In the post to Facebook, the WIA President outlines 4 options to resolve this:
  1. The four Directors resign immediately as proposed. The need for an expensive General Meeting is avoided.
  2. The four Directors do not resign immediately and hold-out until the decision of the General Meeting, which will be held in late January. This is the path we are currently on.
  3. The third option is that all Directors resign effective when the outcome is known from elections, and elections are held as soon as possible.Those Directors that wish to renominate can, but I suspect some will choose not to.
  4. And finally, just let the normal election process take place with new Directors being appointed in May. This is by far the simplest option but seems no longer a possibility.
The responses are colourful to say the least. In a profound lack of understanding about social media, the discussion was locked after 12 hours with only 34 different people participating in the discussion, stifling any further discussion and preventing more thoughtful comments to be made.

The entire post is attached below.
News Team,
Dec 13, 2016, 5:25 PM