20161218 - WIA Treasurer Resigns

posted Dec 17, 2016, 6:02 PM by News Team   [ updated Dec 17, 2016, 11:27 PM ]
WIA news update
Chris Hendry (VK3PAT) has resigned from the board of the WIA. His letter of resignation is copied below


When we discussed the WIA Treasurer position, some three months ago now, you indicated that there were some issues with the accounts.  You said you expected that these would be corrected by the bookkeepers by the time the new Treasurer was selected. I found that this was not the case when I was appointed Treasurer and I had an opportunity to examine the MYOB records.

Furthermore, I did not expect to become embroiled in the malicious politics existing within the WIA as well as disunity at Board level.

I was asked to produce a Treasurer’s Report. The Assistant Treasurer and I spent a great deal of time producing a report that we believed was a fair and factual assessment of the WIA’s financial position and the performance of certain Directors.

The Board agreed that it was a worthy report and it was approved in its entirety by a clear majority of Board members. Four weeks later, the recommendations of the Treasurer’s Report have not been implemented.

Phil, I have enjoyed a successful business career spanning four decades. During that time, I have had dealings with enterprises from small businesses to major corporations, QANGOS, and government bodies, including local authorities, State and Commonwealth Government departments.

I regret to say that I have never encountered any organisation so lacking in leadership, discipline, systems or sound management as the WIA.

The MYOB accounts from 28 February 2016 aren’t just in disarray – they are a monumental disaster. I have uncovered even more errors since we wrote the Treasurer’s Report.

I have discussed this with you and advised you that you can’t expect an Honorary Treasurer and part-time bookkeeper to fix the problems with the accounts. It will require a full-time Financial Controller with forensic accounting experience to spend weeks, if not months, to correct the issues with the WIA’s MYOB, Memnet and Bookshop accounting systems.

The WIA National Office is seriously under resourced and the staff are receiving little or no support or guidance from the responsible director.

The Board has become dysfunctional. Some Board members have clearly demonstrated that they are incompetent, arrogant, conniving, devious and self-interested.

Amazingly, one Board member regularly displays all these undesirable attributes simultaneously.

Finally, and most importantly, it is patently obvious that certain Board members and the Company Secretary are taking every possible step to derail the proposed Special General Meeting. The Treasurers have made their position on this matter very clear.

I am now finding that WIA matters are occupying several hours every day. They are also beginning to take a toll on my personal life. For all the reasons mentioned above, I cannot work with the present Board and I am not prepared to continue as Honorary Treasurer. I tender my resignation effective immediately.

Phil, I regret that this leaves you in a difficult position and I really do hope you will be successful in finding a way to an open, honest, friendly and ethical WIA. Unfortunately, I shall not be part of that process.

Please do not contact me to persuade me to change my mind. My decision is final.


Chris Hendry
Honorary Treasurer

Wireless Institute of Australia