20170317 - World Amateur Radio Day

posted Mar 16, 2017, 5:01 PM by News Team
World Amateur Radio Day
We received word from Jason VK3FNQS that The World Radio Network and The World Friendship Net have announced that for the 3rd straight year, they'll be participating in World Amateur Radio Day 2017 on the 18th of April.

You'll find them active on the "World" Conference Server on Echolink and via IRLP node 9251.

According to the group, a positive participation contributed to the success of the event last year. They recorded over 300 check ins, with 33 international stations in 18 different countries. The net ran for 10 hours with 5 different net controllers doing 2 hour shifts. They also had a special event QSL card that was available upon request.

According to the organisers, the 'net last year was the largest event on Echolink.

Join in to celebrate amateur radio all around the world on the 18th of April at 16:00 UTC via Echolink on the "World" Conference server or IRLP node 9251 for the 3rd annual special event to celebrate World Amateur Radio 2017. There will be a special event QSL card available upon request.

You can participate and contribute to a 10 hour net with 5 different net controllers from all over the world.

For questions, get in touch with John W2JLD via email w2jld2@gmail.com.