20170924 - In the news this week

posted Sep 27, 2017, 6:38 PM by News Team
The Northern Corridor Radio Group reports that road works have commenced along the drive to the club, so if you're visiting, be aware of heavy vehicles.

Rex VK7MO and Jim WA3LBI managed a new 10 GHz Earth Moon Earth world record. More on that next week in the news.

The WIA have announced that the monthly publication of Amateur Radio magazine is being reduced from 11 to 6 starting in February next year. This is expected to reduce cost savings around 30%. You can do your bit by signing up for the electronic version only. Contact the WIA for details.

Will VK6UU continues to scan and upload historic editions of Amateur Radio magazine. In January 2004 the Morse Code requirement for Amateur Radio was dropped thanks to an agreement with the International Telecommunication Union, the ITU during the World Radio-communication Conference in 2003. At that gathering, delegates agreed to authorise each country to determine whether or not to require that applicants demonstrate Morse code proficiency in order to qualify for an Amateur Radio license with privileges on frequencies below 30 MHz.

If you're eyeing off Lithium Polymer batteries for your next portable operation, you might want to take a look at the Automatic LiPo Voltage Reducer plans by Phil AD5X, who has put together a PDF with a project plan. The link is on VK6.net [http://www.ad5x.com/images/Articles/AutoLiPoVoltageReducer.pdf]

Steve VK6HV has been tinkering away with his 20m, 15m and 10m TET-Emtron TE-33 tri-band yagi. Adding 6m to the mix by following a detailed article by Joel W1ZR, published in QST magazine. You can find a link to the article on VK6.net and Steve's experiences on the WA HAMs mailing list. [http://static.dxengineering.com/pdf/hallas.pdf]

Paul VK6LOT shares with us an email from the ACMA about using a commercial radio which is used in his boat for both marine and amateur use. The ACMA have stated that, and I quote: "as long as you have a valid Amateur licence and you are operating to your licence conditions (using the correct frequency bands and the correct channel bandwidth and transmit/radiated power levels) then you are allowed to use this equipment"

Steve VK6SJ reminds us that it's time again for your contribution to make it into the VK6 Club News section of AR magazine. The deadline is this weekend, so get clicking and get your stories to Steve today.

The VK6 club mailing list allows all clubs in VK6 to contact each other. If your club isn't getting those emails, let us know via newswest@vk6.net and we'll add your club to the list.

The Hills Amateur Radio Group is on a long-weekend camp-out this weekend at Pumphreys Bridge, so listen out for VK6AHR on air.

Adrian YO8RZZ started a robust discussion on the CODEC2 mailing list when he presented a three way comparison between narrow band FM (5 kHz), QPSK Codec2 1300 (2.4 kHz) and QPSK Opus 19 kbit/s (16 kHz). You can find the link to his YouTube video on VK6.net and read the discussion on the CODEC2 mailing list. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vApRe6R1gnk] [freetel-codec2@lists.sourceforge.net]

And finally a Last-minute reminders re HAMFEST - it's a week away
  • Friday Night  - informal gathering at NCRG clubrooms. Free. No booking required. Just rock up
  • Saturday - 0800 Technical Day. Presentations to interest you. $15 includes lunch.  Booking required for catering purposes.
  • Saturday Evening 1800 Gala Dinner.   Another social occasion, BYO spouse/partner/friend.  $15.  Booking required
  • Sunday Morning 0900 Hamfest A.R. Markets. Rock up to buy or sell.  Bring a wad of cash.  
HINT: Get your cash early and don't come armed with $50 and $100 notes - bring a wad of tens and twenties.  
TIP: If raiding an ATM, take out quantities like $80, $120 etc to force the machine to offer you some $20 notes

A link to online bookings is on vk6.net and ncrg.info websites.


Help keep Steve's blood pressure down.  Commit yourselves now and make the booking.  I can guarantee you wont get a better offer for next weekend!!