20180526 - WIA in the firing line, again

posted May 25, 2018, 10:54 PM by News Team
A copy of a letter from Amateur Radio Victoria to the President of the WIA was received by NewsWest during the week. It goes to the heart of expulsion proceedings being instigated at the behest of four WIA members as reported by the WIA on 16 May 2018 - via an announcement on the WIA website.

From: Amateur Radio Victoria

Greetings Justin,

I hope I find you well after the ordeal of a weekend AGM meeting.

We have in the last few days received emails from our members
complaining about the treatment apparently meted out by the board of
the WIA to expel Allan VK2CA. I am sure that your board would at
all times be following the rules as per the constitution, but
the ARV council believes that in the long term interests of the
amateur fraternity in Australia the decision to expel Allan needs to
be revisited.

Allan enjoys wide spread support across Australia for his dedication
in running the VKHam website which is a well regarded place for all
amateurs to purchase or dispose of unwanted equipment at no or
minimal charge.

We believe your actions in this matter will only bring further angst
to members of both the WIA and ARV.

I know that Allan enjoys the support of both the ARV Council and the
overwhelming majority of ARV members.

Best regards,
Ross Pittard
Amateur Radio Victoria