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20180819 - μBITx spurious emissions - update

posted Aug 17, 2018, 8:10 PM by News Team
μBITx update
Last week we reported that if you have a uBITx, or micro-BIT-x radio, you should stop using it because it exceeds amateur radio emission standards.

During the week we were advised of a message from Ashar VU2ESE, a founder, designer and person behind the micro-BIT-x and other radios such as the BITX40.

Ashar writes, and I quote: "The ubitx put out harmonics less than 2 milliwatts on all the bands. That’s well below what a 'commercially designed', well behaved, FCC compliant, 100 watt commercial set would spew out. There are some easy fixes."

He goes on to sum up the problem, "SSB: it is within the rulebook everywhere except on 20M & 40M by 3 db." and "CW: it is within the rulebook except on  on 30M, 40M & 80 M."

Ashar then makes three suggestions, involving potential software updates, and hardware fixes and closes off with: "The ubitx remains less polluting than a 100 watt commercial rig that works within the FCC requirements. The harmonics at 14 Mhz and below can be controlled by backing off the drive level."

While it is commendable that Ashar takes the time to be part of the community, his summation of the issue is far from universal or accepted and the community discussion continues.

Warren WA8TOD points out that the uBITx is currently only compliant with the FCC standards on two bands and is not compliant with the ITU standards on any band. Allison KB1GMX points out that this is a 10 Watt radio, not a 100 Watt radio and that the specifications are not the same.

This discussion is ongoing.

Based on the information we have at this time, we continue to recommend that you should stop using your uBITx radio to remain compliant with the emission standards applicable to your amateur license.

You can read Ashar's post and participate in the discussion on the BITX20 forum on This story will also appear on the website so you can click the links.

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