20180912 - September 30 - NewsWest Special - Club Activities around Australia

posted Sep 11, 2018, 8:54 PM by News Team
NewsWest is the VK6 news which has been produced since 1931. We broadcast our programme to people across the globe and from time to time we cast our net beyond the VK6 borders.

On September 30 we have a special bulletin which will be titled:

Club Activities around Australia

If your club has been building things, learning, activating, or generally getting up to mischief, now is your chance to brag about it. We'd love to hear your stories, tall or true, either in writing or in audio and we'd like to share them with our audience.

We prefer to hear your voice, but understand that this might not suit everyone. If you do share audio, 256 kbit, 44 kHz MP3, mono, is preferred, but if you come up with an 8-bit uLaw file, we'll see what we can do to make it sound like the duck's nuts.

If you're writing, imagine someone else reading it out, so "me" and "us" sounds weird if it's my voice and your story, so write accordingly if you can.

The deadline is Noon on Friday 28 September, but first in best dressed, since we only have 30 minutes to play with.

Look forward to hearing, reading and sharing your club stories.

The address for submissions is newswest@vk6.net.

If you'd like to broadcast this news in your local area, you can. There are no restrictions on broadcasting NewsWest, other than that you must broadcast it as supplied without any modification.

We ask that broadcasters advise us that they're transmitting the news.

We look forward to hearing callbacks from the new network when it goes live!

de Onno VK6FLAB on behalf of WA Amateur Radio News, producers of NewsWest, Amateur Radio News in Western Australia since 1931.