2021127 This Week on NewsWest

posted Nov 24, 2016, 10:43 PM by Bob Bristow
This week NewsWest looks at the Wireless Institute of Australia, examining why it exist, what's going on with the Board, and wonder what it would be like without the WIA.

In Foundations of Amateur Radio, Onno talks about a tidy shack. With so much stuff that ends up in your shack, how do you ever get anything done and how do you overcome the space problem, that is, "I don't have enough space and I never will."

Wandering down memory lane, you will hear how Amateur Radio was in days gone by, and you may or may  not be surprised if hings appear the same.

You'll hear Roy's Helpline, news form the WA VHF Group, and a history of the RAOTC from Clive.

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