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posted May 11, 2018, 7:30 AM by Glynn Davies
In 1968 nine men started the first solo non-stop sailing race around the World.

Only one finished.

In attempt to re-create the race - it’s on again. A world tour sailing solo, non-stop around the world, without assistance, and in the technical conditions of the time. This event is the replica of the mythical Golden Globe Race of 1968. Participants are required to use boats and similar equipment including radio means.

In 1968, radio links between ships at sea and land were made only in BLU (a single lateral band), on the HF band thanks to the stations dedicated to maritime radio service, like St Lys in France. Today this device no longer exists.

Today, only radio amateurs have the means to establish radio links in HF, long distance.

In 2009 after a solo crossing from Corsica, Jean Francois Boubennec had the idea to create an amateur radio network on the citizens band.

It is inspired by known devices, set up by radio amateurs such as “the Captains’ Network” in Canada, and AMRAD in France, developed by Olivier Marsan.

Having obtained his own amateur licence in 2011, Jean Francois F4GRS set in stone his idea of a network of radio amateur operators at the service of sail boats, while they sail off the coasts around the world. This created a collective know an TERRE and MER, or translated - LAND and SEA.

It is natural then, that the organisers of the Golden Globe Race and the TERRE and MER collective would look for partners, worldwide, to help carry out this great adventure, with the possibility to communicate via HF with the navigators.

That's why the organisers are asking all Radio Amateurs today to help them build a solidarity network around the planet, so that they can communicate with the Navigators during the race.

Are you interested in taking part as a radio station for this great race.

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Thanks for Chris VK6JI and John VK6RD in Albany for passing on.