posted Oct 10, 2017, 7:03 AM by Glynn Davies

There’s still a week of school holiday left – hopefully the kids aren’t bored yet.

What that also means is there’s only 2 weeks until JOTA and JOTI, Jamboree of the Air, and Jamboree of the internet.

Remember, this is the 60th Year for JOTA, 60 Years of Connecting Scouts – and the dates are the 20th-22nd of October.

A note from Delshard, the WA JOTA/JOTI Co ordinator for 2017 has just gone out to all Regions, Districts and Groups in WA.

This provides links to:-

 -         A list of bases – so groups can contact their closest base and register visits for over the weekend

 -          Technical guidance – where groups will be connecting from their local hall if they can get to a JOTA/JOTI base

 -          Radio Guidance – to assist JOTA bases

 -          Policies on Social Media for the weekend – to allow Scouts WA to promote the event now and in the future

 This content is available on the web at:

As a last minute urgent plea for help – if there’s anyone close to Albany who can accommodate a JOTA station, even if it’s just a for a few hours, the scouts down there would really appreciate it.

Please contact me directly –

73, Glynn  VK6PAW


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