NewsWest 10th March 2019 History and PerthTech Review

posted Mar 7, 2019, 11:47 PM by Bob Bristow
 NewsWest is the VK6 news programme by, for and about Radio Amateurs.  

Today’s focus is on history, however we’ll go a bit light on History so we can  give you a wrap on the very successful PerthTech, which was last weekend. We have received glowing feedback from those who attended.

Roy’s weekly Helpline, which has been running for over thirty years now, and is still going strong, will help you buy or sell pre loved amateur equipment, and Roy has a full complement of goodies for you this week.

There’s a press release from the Radio Amateur Society of Australia  concerning revisions to the Australian band plan.

Unfortunately we also have a silent key announcement, with the passing of Bert, formerly VK6ME.  

NewsWest is produced by WA amateur Radio News, and broadcasts originate on the NewsWest linked repeater network in Perth, and on various relays and broadcasts on HF and on Western Australian rural, and interstate repeaters.

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Producer: Bob VK6POP

Duration:  30:00