20141211 - WA Planning Submissions

Post date: Dec 11, 2014 12:22:19 AM

Bob, VK6KW recently posted on the WAHAMS Google group that there was a call for submissions on the Telecommunications Infrastructure review currently underway by the WA Government. The State Government Department of Planning and Infrastructure has released a draft policy called State Planning Policy 5.2 Telecommunications Infrastructure. This draft policy document mainly deals with planning infrastructure for public mobile phone networks and data networks, but does not deal with matters such as towers, masts and antennas.

Wayne VK6EH and John VK6JAH and others of the The Northern Corridor Radio Group thought it would be an opportunity to raise the problems amateurs face in getting approvals from local councils and shires to erect towers, masts and antennas on their properties, in the course of their amateur radio activities and bring the construction and installation of amateur radio antennas in Western Australia into line with legislation in both South Australia and more recently in NSW. Amateurs in NSW recently had a successful campaign, during a review of planning laws that resulted in towers and masts up to 10 metres high, and masts on buildings that extended 5 metres above the roofline, requiring no planning approvals. This was in line with previous changes to planning laws in South Australia and the precedent set there were used to advantage in the NSW campaign. This is a long-standing thorn in the side of many amateurs and this is an opportunity to get together and make a change.

After reading numerous individuals and club’s submissions from New South Wales, NCRG have compiled a submission document .

The WIA have also been contacted requesting any relevant data or documentation and advice they can offer and a reply has confirmed that they are looking into providing any supporting documentation etc. they can offer, and they are aware of the time frame we are working under, as submissions must be in by December 19th.

Clearly, they are very aware that the review does not specifically include AR antennas, however the motivation for this submission is to have the situation now in place in both South Australia and New South Wales being 'Included' in any emerging legislation in WA. Additionally, if WA Hams are not successful at this time, the existence of the submission and support from the AR community is on file and will be a reference for some subsequent re-application.

Obviously, in situations such as this the more submissions received by the commission the better So YOUR help is needed, and Wayne VK6EH and the NCRG is urging as many individuals, clubs and other interested parties as possible to get together and give as much support as possible by writing to Planning WA on this matter, so that maybe we will see changes in the planning laws similar to those changes in SA and NSW.

It all seems a bit daunting but many of the submissions used in NSW were simply

"I am a licensed Radio Amateur and I fully support the submission made on our behalf by, (for example) the Northern Corridor Radio Group",

You are all welcome to cut/paste/edit any bits and pieces from the NCRG letter for use in your own submission. Through these efforts they had a win. There is a very tight deadline of December 19th.

Details of the draft policy and advice on how to lodge an on-line submission are found at:

Copies of submissions by amateurs to the NSW Planning Commission ( to give you inspiration) are at:

Advice from the WIA on how to write a submission so we are all on the same page, along with items to avoid are at: