Programme Details are posted below. 

Thanks to the following for their generous support of PerthTech.

Hills Amateur Radio Group 

Northern Corridor Radio Group

WA Repeater Group

Ham College

Steve VK6SJ

Tet Emtron Mark VK6MOA

Communication Systems Geraldton - Greg VK6FG

PerthTech 2023 was on Saturday 28th October

The Programme for PerthTech 2023 Included:

Phil Harman VK6PH  will talk about Software Defined Radios,(SDR) how they work, and New Developments that may make SDRs work in other ways.

Glynn Davies VK6PAW will discuss practical uses of NanoVNAs - TinySAs, etc

Peter Miles VK6YSF will discuss one of his antenna projects - the design and Construction of a 70cm Antenna

Chris Chapman VK3QB Chris will talk about conducting Holiday DXpeditions - Big and small

Peter Bassett-Scarfe VK6PBS will demonstrate PARG's Fox Hunt equipment 

Randall Wayth VK6WR  will talk us through the process of tracking down a malfunctioning paging system that was interfering on the 2m call frequency

Chris Chapman VK3QB returns to the podium to talk about CW Operations. He's a keen CW operator, and conducts the CW Academy online.

Donald Howarth VK6JDM  will tell us about his experience changing his station from  from coax to ladder line

Programme order may be subject to change.