VK6 Club Calendar

Amateur Radio Meetings in VK6 are shown in this calendar. If you have a meeting that you'd like amateurs to know about, please send an email to newswest@vk6.net with the details and we'll add it here and broadcast it on the news.

The list of meetings coming up in the next fortnight is broadcast during the news each week.

In addition, every first broadcast of the month covers the meetings for the whole month with full details about each meeting.

If you want to add this calendar to your diary, click on the Google Calendar button at the bottom right of the calendar.

If you're seeing an error message that this page can't be displayed, there are several options (1 and 2 preferred) to bypass the IE cookies and Google Mail / Calendar conflict(s):

  1. If you are a gmail user, please sign out of your email account and refresh (F5)-- Calendar will be visible then;

  2. Use Internet Explorer (IE) In Private Browsing: Ctrl+Shift+P --> type in URL ( vk6.net );

  3. Add google.com to IE: Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy --> Sites --> Type "google.com" --> Allow --> F5 (refresh).