WA Amateur Radio News Supported VI6CRO at Carnarvon Space Museum

In April 2023, thousands of people travelled to Western Australia’s Gascoyne Region for the Solar Eclipse on April 20. As expected, Exmouth is booked out completely, and Carnarvon has planned a week of festivities around the event. 

Among the many events planned in Carnarvon, the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum is open to visitors, and ran a daily “Night At The Museum” event.

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Amateur Radio was on show at the museum during that week, with a display and live demonstration of Amateur Radio equipment of the period, and the more modern Satellite tracking. 

The special callsign VI6CRO reflects the original NASA Carnarvon callsign, CRO.  Dan VK6NAD organised  the Amateur Radio booth, which was inside the museum, and was kitted out with new promotional material.

With a live Amateur Radio station on display, Dan was looking forward to plenty of contacts with Amateurs on air, so the visitors can see and experience Amateur Radio in action. Those manning the booth fielded lots of questions, and handed out leaflets designed to help interested people link into Amateur Radio on their return home.

WA Amateur Radio News sponsored this activity, and Dan also received help from others.