20151130 - Club Focus

Post date: Nov 29, 2015 11:25:37 PM

Subiaco Radio Society Reunion July 26 1946

Subiaco Radio Society Reunion July 26 1946 - Image: Will VK6UU History of Amateur Radio

Every four weeks, a NewsWest programme is dedicated to providing a focus on Clubs. The most important part of the programme of course is what you, the clubs, provide to us.

The programme allows clubs to advertise what they have been doing, and are planning to do in the future.

Before I go on, let’s make a new word - clubmercial - a commercial advertisement for a club. Clubmercial. Got it?

What we’d really like from clubs is a clubmercial - promoting your club, informing prospective members so that they can choose a club to join.

In addition to the clubmercial, you may wish to promote upcoming activities or events. Or share something that went well.

At this time of the year you’d do well to advise your club’s Christmas-New Year break arrangements, including date of resumption in 2016, including known dates of events and activities

Of course, clubs are free to send items for any edition of the news, however it would be good to have the extra effort for Club Focus.

Items for inclusion in NewsWest can be sent as a text script or mp3 recording to newswest at vee kay six dot net. Please make recordings MP3, Mono, 256 kilobit, with a decent recording level. We use Audacity for recording the news. It’s free, is available for Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

The next club focus programme is on 13th December, so we’d need to receive your efforts by noon Friday 11th.