20151213 - News across the festive season

Post date: Dec 12, 2015 11:37:54 PM

Happy Festive Season

Happy Festive Season - Image: Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre, ZS1CT

We never sleep. That was what a neon sign said in Perth way back when. I can’t remember what the business was - maybe a service station. And where was it? It was near the CBD somewhere. Perhaps someone can remember and let me know?

But anyway - what I am eventually getting around to talking about is NewsWest, Christmas and New Year. As in previous years NewsWest will be produced through the festive season. The broadcast dates for the season are the 20th and 27th December, and in the new year 3rd and 10th January then we soldier on for the rest of the year.

The deadline for news items on 27th December will be Thursday 24th December.

If you don’t hear the news on your regular spot, it will because the broadcast or relay operator has taken a break. As much as possible we will organise deputies to keep the broadcasts and relays going, however as long as they let us know what they are doing, we can forewarn you.

Don't forget to think about that neon sign.