20160125 - Australia Day for AX prefix

Post date: Jan 25, 2016 1:05:06 AM

Source: australiaday.org.au

Image: australiaday.org.au

A few times in every year, Amateurs in Australia can use the special celebratory callsign prefix “AX”, so Bob for instance can use the callsign “AX6POP” on these designated days.This provision is outlined in section 8 1(a) of the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Determination 2015, more efficiently referred to as the LCD

These special callsign days are 26 January, which is Australia Day, 25 April, which is Anzac Day and 17 May which is World Telecommunication Day.

As Tuesday this week is 26th January, it’s an AX day, so all you have to do is to start using the AX prefix from midnight Monday to midnight Tuesday.

Let’s see who gets the most AX contacts in their log, and the most unusual QSO while using the AX prefix. Send your stories to newswest@vk6.net