20160126 - Bushfires

Post date: Jan 26, 2016 3:00:18 AM

You would have had to be hiding under a rock to be unaware of the severity and devastation of the WA bushfire season over the 2015/2016 summer – which is still continuing. This has included areas around Esperance, Yarloop/Waroona, and many on the outskirts of the Perth metropolitan area.

Many WA amateurs are involved in, or support, many of our emergency services including volunteer fire firefighters, the SES, and the WA Police.

Other amateur have assisted with comms and getting radio repeaters back on-air.

On behalf of WA Amateur Radio news, I’d like to publicly thank the efforts of our WA fire fighters, along with the agencies and other groups that support them.

The fire in Yarloop-Waroona continues to burn, and they could do with your support.

Monetary donations are welcome and can be made through the Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund. Details are Available at www.appealswa.org.au or by phoning 9461 3886.

That number again – 9461 3886.

Unfortunately, some of the outer metro fires have been classed as suspicious, but the arson squad are operational and on the case. It all situations – there is often someone who saw something. To report any suspicious behaviour, I encourage you to call Crimestoppers on 1 800 333 000.

That number again – 1 800 333 000.

I’m Glynn – VK6PAW in delta-sierra-5 – South Korea.

Source: NASA

Image: NASA

Source: DFES

Image: DFES