20160308 - Vote in the WIA election

Post date: Mar 9, 2016 2:00:34 AM

As you may have heard one of the NewsWest team, Andrew VK6AS is seeking support to become a Director of the Wireless Institute of Australia. Andrew says: "As an experienced negotiator, I believe that with your vote, my election to the Board will result in proactive lobbying of the ACMA, politicians, bureaucrats and radio amateurs and so manage change at the WIA to achieve the best possible outcomes for Amateur Radio in Australia."

This election is first past the post; to vote for Andrew, cross out all other candidates and put your voting slip in the supplied envelopes and return them by mail to the Wireless Institute as soon as possible. Polling closes on March 26. You can find out more about Andrew on the voting form and if you have questions you'd like to put to Andrew, get in touch. vk6as@wia.org.au