20160312 - John Moyle Field Day

Post date: Mar 12, 2016 2:48:20 AM

John Moyle One Week to Go

Did I hear someone say that the John Moyle Memorial Field Day is only two weeks away?

Well they’re wrong. 7 days is what it is. Only 7 days. Hardly time to panic yet, but not far off it. If you must panic that is.

Last week Gynn reminded you about sorting out your logging, recommending VK contest logger. Look it up. Its easy to use software, and it knows the rules.

The advantage of using logging software is that you can submit your log immediately you can get onto the internet.

Now lets think about portable operation - anyone can work from home, so there's not too much to say there, except if you’re entering as a single operator, read the rules to make sure you don’t break them by getting the missus to do the logging or some other task. To use Banjo Paterson’s words, you must be alone and unassisted.

If you’re thinking of working portable, which is the main thrust of this field day contest, you should be checking your gear no to avoid unexpected repairs in the field.

Although there’s not a lot of VK6ers in the contest, I think it was about 17 last year, and I’m hoping for more this year, it pays to keep track of them and pick up a few stray points when things get a bit quiet. A list of local liaison frequencies will appear on email lists and the vk6 dot net website soon.

I find the John Moyle to be an enjoyable contest, quite relaxed compared to the big international contests, and working portable from a bush camp is a welcome bonus.

Finally, plan to send in your log straight away.