20160605 - International Museums Weekends

Post date: Jun 4, 2016 5:06:14 AM

International Museums Weekend

Individuals and clubs may take part in the International Museums Weekends. As always, this will take place on the third and fourth weekends in June 2016 - the first weekend of which remains the primary weekend, but you are welcome to join in on either or both of the weekends.The intention of the event is to set up amateur radio special event stations at as many of the museums as possible throughout the whole of the world. The organisers hope that an HF, VHF, and if at all possible, an (APRS) packet station will be set up at each museum site, but the scope of your station is entirely up to you. The choice of museum is also left very much up to you, however aim for the largest and/or most unusual site you can find.

The museums taking part over the years have included ships, castles, air museums, Napoleonic forts, pumping stations, wireless museums, racing museums and many others. For the purposes of the event, the word 'museum' is loosely interpreted. There really is no shortage of venues in which such an event can be staged, no matter where in the world you might live.

During the first IMW in 2002' over 80 museums from all over the world took part. The museums varied from tiny local village museums manned by a single operator, to some of the world’s most prestigious ones. These were accompanied by a great number of military museum sites, such as HMS Belfast in London, the Battleship New Jersey in the US, RAF museums as well as very many non-military types.

The event has proven itself to be extremely popular and well supported special event particularly amongst the global radio amateur population. It also went down very well at the museums which were used as the venues for the event

It has shown itself to be a tremendous public relations exercise, as well as all of us having lots of fun over the IMW weekends.

A couple of local clubs are planning to take part, and it’s not too late for you or your club, or interested group of people, to take part in the International Museums Weekend on the third and fourth weekend in June.

Activations International Museums Weekend

WA VHF Group plan to do their stint on Sunday 19th during the day. At Wireless Hill Museum there is a public talk "Royalty on Record" covering 1888 to 1953 - see footnote for details. They expect the topic matter to attract quite some interest for that 2PM to 3PM session and we hope to have visitors to the shack before and after that event.

It would be good if the club can establish some QSOs with as many Western Australian museums as possible, around that time-frame. The idea is to draw attention to the importance of Museums in our culture and promote AR into the bargain.

Do you know of Amateurs in country WA - there are great Museums in the wheatbelt e.g. Kellerberrin and regional WA e.g. Geraldton, Albany, ...? Albert Facey House near Narrogin for example. If you do know Amateurs who may not be viewing this directly, please invite them to participate in MotA as per my original posting. Even a short portable stint at their local Museum would be appreciated and get some attention for VK6 on the MotA website. Invitations to their local Mayors, Councillors and other dignitaries would also be appreciated. The "museum" definition is quite broad - see the website where they talk about the range of venues used thus far - so settlers' cottages, old Post Offices and old Courthouses are all fair game.

It is now confirmed that The Peel Amateur Radio Group is participating in the International Museum on the Sunday 26 th June. We will be set-up from 09:30am at the Shipwreck Museum in Fremantle- 45 Cliff St, Fremantle WA 6160. All are welcome to come and say Hi, a gold coin donation would be appreciated to be given to the Museum at the end of the day. Free tea or coffee for all.